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Hey, can you help me out with an issue I've been trying to solve? Basically, I'm trying to use a Map to display info about skills on a skill tree. However, the map markers aren't long enough to capture all of the skill's info, so I'm having them link to further descriptions later down the page. The issue is that all map marker links open in a new tab.

I asked others and figured out the solution was to use JS to change the links, but my code isn't working and I think it's either because I messed up the page filtering or it's because map marker links only show up when clicked on, and don't actually exist in the document when the JS is loaded.

If you have a better solution to displaying the ability tree or fixing the map links with JS, please let me know! Thanks!

I think you may be right about the links not existing when the JS is loaded. I'll ask around to see if there is any easy solution. I have also made a feature request to allow users to put "target": "_self" in the link field of the JSON file, so we might get that someday.
I think you might be better off just using an <imagemap> for this. The image is not all that big, so you don't need to zoom in/out, and the pins don't really look that good for this application.
I'll let you know if I find anything. —Moviesign (talk) 15:46, 13 May 2022 (UTC)
One thing to note is that the map image is just one page of the tree from teaser images so far. The final version will probably be several times bigger, taller probably. An ImageMap would still work fine for that, right? In any case, I'll get started on using the ImageMap. Thanks for the advice and for putting in the request!