Wynncraft Wiki

V.I.P.+ is a donator rank in Wynncraft that costs $39.99 when not on sale. You can purchase ranks at the Wynncraft Store.


  • All the V.I.P. features
  • Aqua name
  • One daily T1 Loot Crate
  • Mob Totems - VIP+s get four a day, all lasting 20 minutes total (5 minutes each)
  • 2 more reskinned classes - In addition to the Knight and Hunter class, VIP+s also have access to the Dark Wizard and Ninja classes, which are visual alterations of the Mage and Assassin
  • An additional 3 class slots for a total of 10 class slots
  • Tier 2 weapon class icons
  • OST Jukebox - VIP+s can open a GUI and have the ability to play any Wynncraft song anywhere in the world


  • This rank is considered by many to be the best "bang for your buck" rank, as it has many additional upgrades from V.I.P.
  • Players who donated before the EULA (before 1.12) can choose to have the "[Vet]" tag in game using "/toggle vet".