Wynncraft Wiki

V.I.P. is the cheapest rank available for purchase that costs $6.99 when not on sale. You can purchase ranks in the Wynncraft Store.


  • Green name
  • Mob Totems - VIPs get two a day, both lasting 10 minutes total (5 minutes each)
  • Rename Pets/Horses - VIPs can rename their Pets and Horses
  • Reskinned Classes - VIPs have access to the Knight and Hunter class reskins
  • Additional Class Slots - VIPs get 2 more class slots for a total of 7 class slots
  • VIP Forum - Type /forum in game to unlock a secret section just for donators on the forums
  • Lobby Flight
  • No lobby translucency - VIPs are not invisible, unlike those who have not purchased a rank.
  • Join Notification - As a VIP, those within a certain area of you will get a message when you join.
  • Access to tier 1 weapon class icons

VIP Before[]

  • Before the 1.05 Update (29 June 2013), VIP had slightly different features. Ragni, Detlas and Nemract were the only non-VIP cities; Nesaak and Almuj were both donor only areas. Lifetime VIP cost $50.00 USD, three months of VIP cost $25.00, and one month of VIP cost $10.00. After the update, all previous lifetime VIPs received a free Pet and all other VIPs were upgraded to lifetime.
  • Prior to the Update, those who had given money to the server were known as Donors rather than VIPs.
  • Donors used to be able to ride other players.
  • Those who donated to the server before the EULA was released (before update 1.12) received the "Vet" tag ingame. You can toggle the tag using "/toggle vet" in game to show your rank name instead.