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The Seaskipper
The V.S.S. Seaskipper on an island dock
Did I ever tell you the story about how I got into the Seaskipper business in the first place? You see, my brothers inherited everything my father had. Land, emeralds, everythin'. All I got was this little boat. So I had to find some way to make money with it. So I started takin' people on rides across the Ocean, and here I am!
~ Seaskipper Captain

The V.S.S Seaskipper is a unique fast-travel feature added in the Wynncraft 1.14.1 Update, which allows quick travel to ports all over the Ocean, for a fee of a couple emeralds,. Seaskipper docks are located on almost every major island in the ocean, as well as the port cities of Nemract, Selchar and Llevigar. The ship is captained by the Seaskipper Captain, who will converse with you on your voyage, and occasionally gift you odd items for your time.

To sail on the vessel, you have to right click the sign in the middle of the boat to purchase a Boat Pass. Before the 1.20.2 update, you had to purchase a Boat Pass from a Seasail Merchant, who is usually located nearby the ship. Prices varied depending on the distance between the starting and the destination ports.

If you are in a party, one Boat Pass is enough to move everyone standing on the boat.


For the prices of boat passes, see Seasail Merchant.

Major Docks[]

These ports allow travel to several minor ports, with a different selection of Boat Passes available from each major port's Seasail Merchant.

Minor Docks[]

The merchants at these ports only sell Passes to the three major ports.

Note: If you brought an extra Boat Pass with you to a minor port, you can sail to that destination without stopping at one of the major ports first.

Travel Time[]

The player spends 40 seconds on board the ship. Here is the length of each section of the journey:

Beginning End Duration (seconds) Total Time Elapsed (seconds)
Pass lands in hopper Message [1/1] appears 1.00 1.00
Message [1/1] appears Player is teleported onto ship 1.60 2.60
Player is teleported onto ship Message [1/2] appears 1.40? 4.00
Message [1/2] appears Message [2/2] appears 6.00 10.00
Message [2/2] appears Message [1/4] appears 6.00 16.00
Message [1/4] appears Message [2/4] appears 5.00 21.00
Message [2/4] appears Message [3/4] appears 5.00 26.00
Message [3/4] appears Message [4/4] appears 5.00 31.00
Message [4/4] appears Message [1/1] appears 5.00 36.00
Message [1/1] appears Player is teleported off of ship 6.00 42.00


  • The name "Seaskipper" is a play on the ship's in-game use, which is to skip large portions of the Ocean.
  • You have a chance to get random items by using the Seaskipper. This could be a dungeon key or even gold blocks that can be sold in Selchar.
  • There used to be a bell you can ring by pressing a button on the ship's wooden post. Now the button was removed and the bell was replaced with a custom model, which can be only ringed once per ride by clicking the bell.
  • If you look out on either side of the boat, fish can be seen leaping out of the water.
  • If multiple players are present on the boat and a pass is tossed in, they all get sent on the trip.
  • If any item other than a pass is tossed into the hopper, the Captain says, "Mate, are you sure that a pass? I may have had one too much, but ye can't go anywhere with that! Get something useable next time, a'ight?"
  • If the player drops a pass that goes to the island the player is currently at, the Captain says, "Friend, have you been drinkin' a lot? That pass yer tryin' to use, you are already here!" The pass is consumed.
  • If the player finishes the quest Misadventure on the Sea before ever riding the Seaskipper, he will say unique dialogue as follows- "This is your first time legitimately riding my boat, eh? I 'ought that pirate adventure would've scarred you!" This will only play when meeting the conditions above.
  • He used to give you fish that you could sell to Fish Merchants when they were still around.