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Version 1.20
Release Date January 20th, 2021


1.20, also known as the "Gavel Reborn"[1] update, was a major update to Wynncraft[2] released on January 20th, 2021.[3] It was first announced in a trailer video.

Additions[edit | edit source]

Raids[edit | edit source]

  • Team focused dungeons
  • 3 new raids
    • Nest of the Grootslangs (Lvl 60+)
      • Found near Olux and requires 4 players
    • Orphion's Nexus of Light (Lvl 80-100+)
    • The Canyon Colossus (Lvl 100+)
  • Must clear 3 randomly selected challenges and defeat a strong boss at the end.
  • Challenges require teamwork. They can't be done solo.
  • If someone dies, the raid is canceled.
  • Buff Rooms
    • After each challenge room, there is a buff room for a temporary bonus until the raid is completed.
  • New Boss Type: The Eye
  • Rewards include normal Emeralds and XP, and also Tomes, a new accessory introduced in 1.20.
    • Adds basic buffs such as Damage, Defense, Mob XP Bonus, Dungeons XP Bonus, and Gathering XP Bonus.
    • Compass shows buffs after completing The Worm Holes. Tomes can be placed here.
    • Only a limited number of tombs can be active and must be unlocked.

Housing[edit | edit source]

  • Hot air balloon in most towns.
    • Houses can be purchased for 750 Emeralds
    • Other player's houses can be visited as well.
  • House will be floating above where it was purchased.
  • Can be moved from town to town.
  • Block Merchant sells starter blocks for your house.
    • Blocks can also be sold at the Trade Market
    • Sells blocks in exchange for Crafting Materials
    • Price increases if the same kind of block is repeatedly purchased.
  • Block Bank to store blocks.
    • Works just like the normal bank, but only stores blocks.
  • House NPCs to spawn NPCs at your house.
  • Ranked users can have a bigger housing plot.

Champion Rank[edit | edit source]

  • Yellow name and tag
  • Reserved Slots
    • Won't kick active players.
  • Character Nickname
    • Chat only. NPCs and invites will also use this nickname.
  • Merchant Booths
    • Allows you to set up special shops on the map to sell Trade Market items.
  • Ability to convert old classes to reskinned classes.
    • Available to all ranks.
  • /switch command to quickly switch your server.
    • Will be available to all classes and isn't instant.
    • Hunted players must wait 60 seconds before attacking after joining a server.
  • Instant class deletion
  • Ability to purchase the Build Stand NPC in your house.
  • Class Backups
  • Bomb Bell
    • Notifies when bombs are thrown.
    • Will have a random delay (won't be notified instantly).
  • Exclusive Housing Locations.
  • /changetag to show a lower-tier rank tag.
    • Available to all ranks.
  • +80 Pet Max Levels.
  • 8x Daily Mob Totems.
  • Will always be a lifetime rank, but may have a subscription option at a lower cost[4]

Pets[edit | edit source]

  • New Pets
    • Aledar Cart, Colossal Rat, The Eye, Top Hat Alligator, and Death.
  • Pets can be petted by you and other players if their level is high enough.
  • Pets can combat and have levels.
    • Having multiple pets active will reduce their damage.
  • Pet tasks
    • Available for high-level players.
    • Can be sent to towns to sell/bank/scrap stuff for you.
  • Projectiles now go through pets.
  • Pets vanish during cutscenes.
  • Pet speed matches owner speed.
  • Improved pet page.
  • On release day, a free pet will be offered on the Store.

New Quests and Discoveries[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • New Tier 4 Crate.
  • Removed common items from Tier 3 Crate.
  • Attack effects save and load properly.
  • Scrapable Black Market Rewards
  • Scrap menu has pages.
  • Bomb stacks show their quantity in the name.
  • 4 new hats.
  • 10 new weapon models.
  • New Boss Altar in the Silent Expanse.
  • New item restriction type: Soulbound.
    • Items with this restriction will only be usable on the specific character that first got the drop.
  • Added a quick-travel system to Cinfras.
  • Added a new language: High Gavellian.
  • Added more diversity to Wynn cities.
  • Added popup notifications when certain events happen.
    • Can /toggle it off.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Gavel[edit | edit source]

Guilds[edit | edit source]

  • Guild Bank to share items with other Guild members.
    • One for everyone, one for high ranked members.
  • Switching Guild Ownership is much easier.
  • Guild creation process improved.
  • New Guild menus
    • Member list, territory list, compass shortcut.
  • Guild tags can now be 4 letters long.
  • Guild creation price is now 20 LE (81,920 Emerald)
  • Strategist Rank
    • New rank between Captain and Chief.
    • Can upgrade your Guild towers and territory bonuses.
  • Guild notification popups.
  • Guild Badges
    • Let you set a theme for your Guild such as Traders, War Hungry, Social, etc.
  • Improved level up messages.
  • Fixed an issue where Guilds wouldn't level up until you joined a world.
  • Reduced Level XP Requirements.
    • May change during beta.
  • Improved Level Up Rewards.
  • Updated Wars.
    • Will no longer spawn up to 100 mobs to fight.
    • Is now a tower with one single boss.
    • Guild members can upgrade towers with defenses, resources, and special abilities.
    • Must continually pay to keep defenses up.
  • Trade Routes
    • 5 types: Emerald, Wood, Fishes, Ores, Crops.
  • After capturing a territory, you have the option to make it a Headquarters Territory.
    • Every 2 minutes, excess resources each territory gathers will start moving towards your HQ one territory at a time.
    • Also, your HQ will start sending resources to your empire to feed needed resources.
    • Taxes if other Guilds use your territory to trade.
  • Can improve held territories.
    • Buffs are paid when your HQ sends resources out.
  • Diplomacy
    • Can make alliances to reduce the tax rate.
    • Enemy guild can cut off your trade route.
  • No more War servers.
  • Territories no longer generate XP.
  • New territory map by pressing L (replaces Advancement menu).
  • New Guild Icon feature for VIP+ Ranks shows up on the Territory Map.
  • Attacking a territory costs emeralds.
    • Can be your own or guild emeralds.
  • Fixed territory names.

Forgery[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Added Gathering XP ID and Gathering Speed ID.
    • Limited to crafting ingredients.
  • "Plague" Major ID no longer reduces poison damage when spreading.
  • Sorcery Major ID no longer resets your click combo if triggered mid-way through.
  • New Major IDs
    • Forerunner: Doubles sprint speed when sprint bar is below 30%.
    • Rally: Charge heals you by 10% and nearby allies 15% on impact, but becomes harmless.
    • Cherry Bombs: Your smoke bombs explode instantly on contact, dealing 150% damage each.
    • Explosive Impact: Your "Exploding" ID can trigger when hitting mobs.

Map Changes[edit | edit source]

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Improvements to some weapon models (thunder spears, earth bows, etc.).
  • Improvements to some sprites and block textures (cobblestones, red X icon, etc.).
  • Changes to item drop rates.
    • You will now be able to find items in low-level areas even if you are high level (at a reduced rate).
  • Adjusted item drop rate.
    • The drops are overall lower.
    • Mostly affects the early game much more than the endgame.
  • Adjusted Blacksmith item buying price.
    • More profitable to sell most items.
  • Dungeon keys now allow up to 4 players to enter a dungeon at once.
  • Made Quests auto-track when stages update.
    • Can /toggle it off.
  • Made Quest tracking show up on the scoreboard.
    • Can /toggle it off
  • Fixed a bug where quests wouldn't update their stage properly when tracked.
  • Lowered profession XP requirements for low to mid-levels.
  • Tracking a quest will now make your Hotbar compass point to coords and spawn a beacon where the quest objective.
    • Only if there are coordinates.
    • Both can be toggled off.
  • Lowered ingredient drops in loot chests.
  • Fixed a bug where mobs would sometimes phase through walls.
  • Some quests will now give profession XP.
  • Resource tunnels/dungeon will give a temporary gathering XP boost.

Undocumented changes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 2 new developers were hired to work on this update
  • It took the team 8 tries[5] to succeed against the Nexus of Light's boss for the first time
  • One of the tasks for unlocking Tome slots used to be "Sell Mythic to Blacksmith" but was scrapped as "apparently not everyone owns a mythic."

References[edit | edit source]