Wynncraft Wiki
NPC Info
X: -2103 Z: -5427
Location Olux Swamp
Quest Involved Death Whistle

The chemist (or better, alchemist) Voer is the starting NPC for the quest Death Whistle. He describes himself as a 'chemistry merchant', selling legal stuff to all magicians of Gavel. Throughout the quest the player will discover that's not quite the truth.


 Location   Olux Swamp   X   -2103  Y     Z   -5427  Wynncraft Map 

To find Voer, simply follow the path out of the western gate of Olux (through the arch to the south of the bank and turning right). You will have to walk quite a bit. There are many buildings and two bridges you will pass.


  • It is recommended to climb on the house for reading the chat. This will keep mobs away from you.