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Void Valley PathIcon.png
Discovery Lore
This valley has been overgrown with gigantic plant life. Rumors suggest that small rifts in the ground allow one to teleport.
Coordinates X: 1152, Z: -952
Access Points Toxic Wastes: 1080, -940
Suggested Level 101
Involved Quests A Journey Further
Type/Biomes End
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Silent Expanse)

Void Valley is a strange void-themed area in the Silent Expanse and the fourth region in the Silent Expanse that the player will encounter. Its main feature are Void Holes which can teleport players across the entire region. The area can be accessed by doing the quest A Journey Further.

Throughout the entire region, there are strange orange roots tangling around the land and rising to the sky. Just like everywhere else in the Silent Expanse, there are large darkness spikes due to the Dern Portal's influence. As stated above, the main point of interesting in this region are Void Holes, mysterious black holes that can transport you over long distances. It is yet unknown how these holes function, and why are they there.

Points of interest[]


  • Dark Obelisk is a tall, black structure that stands in the middle of the Void Valley. There are orange roots growing all around it, and a Void Hole leading to the Eldritch Outlook entrance is located on top of it.
  • Glowbulb Cave is a cave on the upper areas of the Void Valley in the east. It is a popular and efficient endgame experience grinding spot.


  • Void Valley is one of the two areas where Dernic Seeds can be gathered.
  • The Void Holes are open rifts into spaces within The Void, which can be seen in the areas you are taken to in A Journey Further when traversing through them, which appear to be islands set upon a large, colorless sea.