Volcanic Isles

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Volcanic Isles IslandIcon.png
A screenshot of the islands
Discovery Lore
Mostly inhospitable, the islands are a relatively new formation. Wynnexcavation has set up Wynnexcavation Site C here in hopes to find valuable new minerals.
Coordinates X: -1000, Z: -3750
Suggested Level 55
Quest Starts WynnExcavation Site C
Type/Biomes Ocean Island
Island Size Large
Docks V.S.S. Seaskipper
Monsters Magma Rock
Dead Explorer
Cavern Magma Cube
Cralozide Zombie

The Volcanic Isles are located northwest of Selchar. The island is made up of 3 large volcanoes, one of which has no crater. Level 55 Magma Rocks spawn in the close proximity of the volcanoes' craters. The island is not a very popular grinding place, due to the position the Magma Rocks spawn at. Two loot chests are located on the island. There is a camp near X: -1070 Z: -3740, where WynnExcavation Site C is located.

Map[edit | edit source]


Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • None

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Excavator Placardus

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Seasail Merchant

Tool Merchant

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Grian hid on the island when the 1.10 Ocean Update came out and gave a map of the ocean to the first player who found him.

Gallery[edit | edit source]