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Diagram of the War of the Realms.
War of the Realms
Theaters of War The Nether,
The Realm of Light,
Silent Expanse,
Wynn Province,
Gavel Province
Major Events Destruction of the Nether (??? BP),
Conquest of the Silent Expanse by the Darkness (??? BP),
Activation of the Nether Portal and start of the Corruption War (0 AP),
Entrance of the Parasite into Gavel (0 AP),
Beginning of Bak'al's servitude to the Dern Beast (Around 0 AP),
Infection of Dullahan (800 AP),
Beginning of the Decay due to the creation of the Heart of the Decay by the Parasite (800 AP),
Creation of The Eye (Around 886 AP)[1][2],
Infection of Orphion (Latest Centuries)
Duration Beginning of Time[3] - Present
Information An eternal war between the primordial forces of Light and Darkness, embodied by Orphion and the Dern Beast respectively. Although it's fought in the Plane of Influence, its consequences are reflected onto the Plane of Physicality. As the forces fight, they create Corruption.
Before time, it began. Through the ages it ravaged the lands. Another day, another night, it continues in the worlds beyond. Forever it shall last.
~ Ne du Valeos du Ellach

The War of the Realms is the main storyline of Wynncraft and the name of the conflict between the forces of Light and Darkness, which has been raging on since the very beginning of time.[3] The war is mainly fought in a plane beyond the normal world, the Plane of Influence, where the Realms of Light and Darkness exist. However, every action taken in the Plane of Influence is reflected upon the normal world, which exists in the Plane of Physicality.[4]

The main belligerents of the war are the embodiments of the two primordial forces: Orphion, who is the Light Beast, and the Dern Beast, who is the Dark Beast. Their motives are very different, almost opposites: Orphion wishes to restore balance to the realms by ending the war, while the Dern Beast wants to achieve complete purity by wiping out the Light and establishing peace, as it recognizes that as long as Light and Dark exist, they are always fated to fight eachother endlessly.[3] As of the latest centuries, the scales of the war have tipped towards the Darkness' favor, especially thanks to the spread of the Decay and the infection of Orphion.[3]

The byproduct of the Light and Dark fighting is the Corruption, a mindless force of influence which represents chaos.[4][5] The war has not only caused catastrophic consequences for the normal world, but possibly many others as well: The Nether, a forgotten realm connected to Wynn through the Nether Portal, had been completely ravaged by the Corruption at an unknown point in the past.

The War of the Realms has drastically changed the history of the world, involving its every province, either directly or indirectly. In Wynn, for example, the uncovering of the Nether Portal by miners in 0 AP led to the outbreak of Corruption in the province, beginning the Corruption War,[6] while in Gavel, the arrival of the Parasite, a Dernic being serving the Dern Beast, brought with it the Decay, a wretched plague that has been Gavel's greatest threat for two centuries.[7] However, in Corkus and Fruma, the inhabitants of these provinces have enjoyed neutrality in the conflict, especially in Corkus, where there is no trace of either Corruption or Decay.


Before the Nether Portal's opening[]

Before 0 AP, the year in which the Nether Portal was uncovered and the Parasite burrowed into Gavel, the War of the Realms hadn't affected the physical world too dramatically yet. However, many events still happened during the course of this distant past.

At an unknown point in time, the land known as the Nether was destroyed by the Corruption, becoming a fiery hellscape full of towering Corruption spikes and lava. Although this world was connected to the overworld through the Nether Portal in Wynn, the entrance to it was still underground and closed, disabling the Corruption from actively threatening the known world.

Some millennia ago, the Portal to Dern mysteriously opened at the very end of the Silent Expanse, where a prosperous civilization known as the Olm lived. However, when beings of Darkness led by the Dern Beast entered the Expanse through the portal and invaded the region, the Olm were forced to flee into the Dernel Jungle,[8][5] while the Darkness conquered the entire area and slowly warped it into the eldritch land that it is today.

Meanwhile, in Gavel, the Elves of Aldorei had been connecting with the Light for many years. It taught them morals and selflessness, as opposed to the Villagers' greed. They soon became more shut-in and isolated as they didn't know who to trust with Aldorei's secrets.[9]

After the Nether Portal's opening[]

However, the relative peace came to an end in 0 AP, as two world-changing events happened in different corners of the world.

In Wynn, a group of emerald miners uncovered the Nether Portal near the Detlas Suburbs. The Corruption from within the Nether started spilling into Wynn, turning the area around it into a corrupted wasteland.[10][6] Then, a human named Bak'al entered the portal and came out alive, though broken by its influence.[11] He then started serving the Dern Beast, having him spread its will across Wynn by destroying it.[1] Why he started serving the beast is unknown.

Meanwhile, in Gavel, the Parasite entered the land, intent on spreading the Decay. However, its plans were greatly delayed by Lari and Dullahan, who wanted to wipe the parasite out, although they failed to do so because of Lari's pacifism.[12] Thus, the parasite burrowed deep underground for hundreds of years to recoup its strength,[13] occasionally fighting the pair before disappearing again.

During the Parasite's final fight with the elven pair in 800 AP, the dark creature managed to bite Dullahan and infected him, turning him into a dark, deranged shell of who he used to be. Lari was then forced to seal him inside Castle Dullahan, where he still lives today, often stealing the souls of the innocent inhabitants of the nearby city of Gelibord and from the prisoners of Lexdale Penitentiary.[12][14] As for the Parasite, it then travelled to a spot to the north of Lexdale where it burrowed once again, for a final time, creating its nest,[7] from where spawns Dernmites: small Dark bugs that travel across Northern Gavel, leeching off of the Light in the area and turning the environment into a gloomy, dark version of its former self. This is the true nature of the Decay.[15]

Some decades later, back in Wynn, Bak'al failed in his mission to conquer the province, being defeated by the hero Bob in 886 AP and forced to retreat.[2] The Dern Beast, disappointed at Bak'al's failure, had him place its eye at the top of the Eldritch Outlook so that it may watch over the entire world, and enforce the Beast's will upon it. The Eye lays at the top of the Eldritch Outlook to this day, watching over anyone who may try to enter or leave the Silent Expanse.[1]

The Parasite infects Orphion.

Then, as the scales of the war started tipping in the Darkness' favor, the Dern Beast had one more trick to pull on his nemesis, Orphion. As the two beasts spoke, the Dern Beast summoned the Parasite from within the Heart of the Decay and had it latch onto Orphion, taking him by surprise and infecting him.[3] This greatly weakened Orphion, and therefore also the Light's influence in Gavel, forcing him to rest in his Nexus of Light. Orphion then appointed Lari to try finding a solution to the evergrowing problem, something which she has not been able to accomplish.[16]


  • Before the 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update, the plot of the War of the Realms used to be much different.
    • It involved Orphion being sealed by the now-removed Heliolux due to it being infected by the Succoru Parasite, with seeds of Corruption being embedded into the Realm of Light itself. Furthermore, the spread of the Decay was attributed to the greed of the Villagers, rather than the Dernmites. The Dern Beast was also not revealed yet.
  • The diagram of the War of the Realms shown in "Finding the Light" also shows a realm named the Corrupted "Realm of War", corresponding to Wynn. However, what this realm is, is not currently known.
    • Theories range from it being the Nether itself, to it being an area that hasn't been released yet.