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Item Lore
The notorious and erratic magical inventor Gawrick once attempted to make teleportation scrolls obsolete, by creating items which would allow the user to phase into an ethereal state to move unhindered. He did not account for the physical ramifications of this process, however.
Item Information
Item Wand
Min. Level 99
Rarity Mythic
Class Mage/Dark Wizard
Powder Slots 3 ()
Obtain Loot Chest
Mob Drop
Attack Speed Very Fast (+2)
Base Damage
Neutral 40-70
Air 190-220
Agility Minimum: 130

Warp is a Mythic wand that requires players of level 99 and 130 Agility to wield. As of 1.20, Warp is the highest base damage wand in the game, but it is not recommended to use in combat, as with its massive downsides, including its 130 Agility requirement, which can be sometimes very restrictive to Warp builds, as there can not be enough Skill Points to use certain items. Instead, the weapon is mostly used in mobility and lootrun builds due to its massive Walk Speed and -2nd Spell Cost buffs.


It costs 1872 Emeralds to identify Warp.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Health Regen   -260%  -140%
 Mana Regen   -12/5s  -6/5s
 Reflection   +27%  +117%
 Agility   ~  +20
 Exploding   +15%  +65%
 Walk Speed   +54%  +234%
 Health Regen   -780  -420
  Air Damage   +5%  +20%
 First Spell Cost   +1 Mana  +1 Mana
 Second Spell Cost   -70 Mana  -130 Mana


  • Warp was the only mythic-tier weapon released in the 1.16 Corkus Update.
  • Warp has actually been rebalanced to be able to counter both its negative Health and Mana Regen.