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Watchmen StructureIcon.png
The fourth watchtower, on the Emerald Trail
Discovery Lore
From the watch towers set up across the province, scouts were able to spot an incoming horde from miles away, helping to prepare for countless battles.
Coordinates X: -90, Z: -1595
Suggested Level 1
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Watchmen is a Secret Discovery involving the four watchtowers scattered throughout Nivla Woods and the surrounding area. Unlike most Discoveries, unlocking Watchmen requires visiting these four distinct locations; the top of each tower holds an "echo" that provides a small amount of history about Nivla Woods and the spread of the Corruption across Wynn Province. Upon hearing the final echo, you will receive the reward of 90 experience points. This may be claimed at any level.

Although the watchtowers provide a definite timeline with regards to their respective echoes, they do not need to been visited in any specific order. Notably, after listening to each echo, you will be teleported to the entrance of its tower at the ground level; as most of the towers are surrounded by low-level mobs like Forest Spiders, unprepared players may be caught off-guard by this and attacked.

The Four Towers[]

Tower #1
-90, -1595
Wynncraft Map


The first watchtower is located at the eastern edge of Nivla Woods, in the lightly-forested area before the bridge to Detlas Suburbs. Its echo, like the others, is preceded by the phrase "The voice of the past echoes on the wind..." The text of the echo is as follows:

  • 882 AP
  • Sir! the corrupt are crossing the river!
  • They act with instruction!
  • I can't see who is sending them.
  • We must reinforce the river and bridge, if they get past that they'll be on our soil.
Tower #2
-216, -1550
Wynncraft Map


The second tower is located in the centre of the woods, just south (and within sight) of the main road. Its echo says:

  • 883 AP
  • Sir, they have started burning the trees.
  • We have no coverage.
  • Men, retreat to the forest boundaries!
  • This position is lost.
Tower #3
-340, -1631
Wynncraft Map


The third tower is located in a small clearing in the north-western corner of the woods. Its echo says:

  • 884 AP
  • The forward defenses have fallen.
  • They have taken the forest. The last barrier between them and Ragni is us.
  • We must fortify. Put those fires out!
  • If we lose tree cover, we lose the war.
  • Oh no.. it's him.
Tower #4
-469, -1556
Wynncraft Map


The fourth tower is located beyond the western edge of the woods, just off the Emerald Trail, in the midst of some other ruins that serve as a common low-level grind spot. It is the smallest of the four. Although this tower is chronologically the last, its location makes it likely to be the first of the Watchmen towers discovered by new players. Its echo, completing the story, says:

  • 886 AP
  • Sir, they've breached Nivla!
  • All the outer checkpoints have been overrun!
  • He's there, sir. I see him.
  • Bak'al, sir. He's.. leading thousands.
  • This could mark the fall of Ragni.
  • We've held this forest for years. There is no one left to save us.


  • The story told by the watchtower echoes appears to immediately precede the memory viewed within the Wynn Plains Monument, also located in Nivla Woods.