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Ways of the Wicked SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Kander may appear to be nothing but a dying forest filled with superstitious inhabitants, but something far more sinister has lurked beneath its repulsive veil.
Coordinates X: -676, Z: -5611
Suggested Level 70
Uses Discovery

Ways of the Wicked is a Secret Discovery in the Kander Forest. This discovery is about the royalist group that was featured in Hollow Serenity.


There will be an abandoned camp by some ruins, with a bird carcass and a telescope in the camp as well. The telescope is pointed towards Lexdale, however, you find a glimmering spot in the tree stump. Go to the tree stump and there will be a Golden Jewel inside of it. You then must right-click the bird carcass to then get a Blood-Infused Jewel. Put the jewel in the ornament on the wall to open the secret discovery area.


  • Eileen's fate has been revealed. The Dernic Parasite manifested in her head and did not grant her immortality, rather, it emerged out of her head, had she not died of old age, presumably killing her in the process.
  • There are signs hinting to the discovery which say "It has come to this... We must leave. The golden sun is asleep yet again... The Talor mages searched the area... ...with blood bursting from their eyes. Luckily, they did not find anything... They will not open our secrets..."
  • The tree in the campsite with the amputated hands is a reference to The Weald from Darkest Dungeon, as seen here.