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Well Witch
Species Witch
Level 19
Quest Maltic's Well
Health 400
Special Drops Witch's Empty Bottle
Elemental Effects
Earth Weakness
Thunder Damage

Well Witch is the boss at the bottom of Maltic's Well, and must be defeated to complete the eponymous quest. It is a level 19 Witch, and attacks in bursts of 4 projectile bottles. When killed, she drops the "Witch's Empty Bottle", given to Rynend to end the quest.


Well Witch is a witch wielding a wooden sword, with no other special factors besides its rather uncommon mob type. She throws out projectiles which appear as bottles.


Well Witch is found at the bottom of Maltic's Well.


Well Witch attacks the player from range and shoots 4 bottle-like projectiles. They are fired one after another in a line-like pattern, which can incur large damage for low-defense players if all bottles hit. Each bottle does approx. 35 Thunder damage.

  • For mages, staying at medium range and strafing the bottles works extremely well. The witch's low HP gives many options to take her down quickly.
  • Archers should also stay at a range, as her projectiles will often miss at medium ranges. Again, her low HP gives the player many functional strategies to kill her.
  • Warriors may want to invest in Thunder Defense or rush her down, as being so close will make the witch's projectile stream more likely to hit. Nonetheless, dealing enough damage to kill the witch quickly is highly viable.
  • Assassins can use Vanish to recuperate as no other mobs spawn, and Grade II spin attacks effectively blind the boss. Tear her apart with high damage and a swift victory ensues.

Well Witch should pose no significant threat to a player as long as they either push through or avoid her projectile stream, and should be regarded as quite an easy boss.