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NPC Info
X: -739 Z: -661
Location Iboju Village
Quest Involved Jungle Fever

Worid is a villager thief in the Iboju Village who is the starter for the quest Jungle Fever. He asks you to first check out Detlas' Emerald Stash, then raid Almuj's Emerald Labyrinth and get him 64 Liquified Emeralds to cure his 'Jungle Fever'.


 Location   Iboju Village   X   -739  Y     Z   -661  Wynncraft Map 

Worid is located not too far from Gracen, standing next to a small staircase.

 Location   Detlas' Emerald Stash   X   476  Y     Z   -1707  Wynncraft Map 

Worid is also located inside of Detlas' Emerald Stash during the quest Jungle Fever. To get to Worid you have to go into the Secret Emerald Stash located in Detlas' Bank at x: 490, y: -1556.