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NPC Info
X: -739 Z: -661
Location Iboju Village
Quest Involved Jungle Fever

Worid is a villager thief in the Iboju Village who is the starter for the quest Jungle Fever. He asks you to first check out Detlas' Emerald Stash, then raid Almuj's Emerald Labyrinth and get him 64 Liquified Emeralds to cure his 'Jungle Fever'.


Iboju Village
-739, 80, -661
Wynncraft Map

Worid is located not too far from Gracen, standing next to a small staircase.

Detlas' Emerald Stash
476, 13, -1707
Wynncraft Map
956, 75, -1960
Wynncraft Map

Worid is also located inside of Detlas' Emerald Stash and Almuj during the quest Jungle Fever. To get to Worid in Detlas you have to go into the Secret Emerald Stash located in Detlas' Bank at x: 490, y: -1556.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

Worid (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 485 Z: -1621
Location Detlas

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Iboju Village
-739, 80, -661
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Worid: Oh, you're... uh... back! It's so good to see you!
  • Further conversation with Worid:
    • [1] "There are festivities in Detlas.":
      • Worid: Festivities! In... in Detlas of all places... Why, this is... This is such a coincidence!
      • Worid: You see, I myself was planning a trip to Detlas! But alas... *cough* this damned illness has caught up to me once more!
      • Worid: Yes... this very real illness... *cough*. It's dreadful, you know? Ah, but I know the cure, again! Just... just [16 Emerald Blocks] is all I need!
      • Worid: So... *cough* what do you say? Will you help your old *cough* friend Worid out once more?
    • [2] "How are you feeling?":
      • Worid: Oh, you know! I'm feeling much better, though... *cough* the illness hasn't fully left me yet!
      • Worid: These things take time, you know? It'll pass... *cough* eventually! I'm sure of it.
    • [3] "Just checking on you.":
      • Worid: What, check on me? Oh, you... you shouldn't have! Don't worry about me, I'm... I'm fine here. You don't need to check up on me.
  • Giving Worid 16 Emerald Blocks:
    • Worid: Oh! You *cough* have the money? Wonderful, wonderful... Now that I am cured, I can certainly come visit this festival of yours!
    • Worid: You, uh, go ahead. I'll catch up.
485, 67, -1564
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Worid in Detlas:
    • Worid: Oh, you're here! Great, great, great. I am loving the festivities so far. This sweater is wonderful.
    • Worid: Now, onto business. You see... I have information obtained from... uh, trusted sources. Which points to large quantities of emeralds.
    • Worid: I was going to go at it alone... But since you're here... Maybe we could work together?
    • Worid: Well, what do you say! Another, uh... adventure with your good friend Worid! Just what you always wanted, right?
    • Worid: Now, I'm not ready quite yet... But I'll give you the signal when I need your help. Okay? Great. Wonderful.
  • Further conversation with Worid:
    • Worid: Hello there, my good friend! What can I do for you on this... fine and inconspicuous day?
    • [1] "Why is your sweater so ugly?":
      • Worid: What? Ugly? It's... It's a fine sweater. I got it for very cheap! Yes. And that's what's important.
    • [2] "What have you been up to recently?":
      • Worid: What have I been up to? Oh, you know... Uh. Hanging out. Being... not sick. Simply existing in the world.
      • Worid: I live a normal life, dear friend of mine! Normal and... uneventful. Certainly.
    • [3] "Where did your illness go?":
      • Worid: My... Oh, of course! Ah, but my friend, you managed to cure me once more with your kind donation earlier!
      • Worid: I certainly wouldn't be here without you. I would... be sick. Probably.
    • [4] "I don't need anything.":
      • Worid: ...Alright! See you around, then.
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • First Step of the Mini-Quest:
      • Worid: Aha! There you are, just the person I was looking for. Now, as you remember, The Banker isn't a huge fan of me.
      • Worid: Shocking, I know. Who wouldn't be a fan of Worid? But either way, he'll be on the outlook for me... But, my friend, not for you.
      • Worid: So! I'll need you to go, uh... Distract him. For a minute. During which I will be... doing nothing of note. You know Worid, just a trustworthy guy.
      • Worid: Alright, are you in? Great. If you get lost along the way... Uh, come back to me, I guess.
      • Worid: So! My friend, uh, what can I do for you on a fine and inconspicuous day?
    • "Can you repeat that?"
      • Worid: I... Yes, I can repeat it. Alright. I need you to distract the banker. Just for a minute.
      • Worid: In the meantime, I will be... here, of course. Where else would I be? Just go distract him already.
    • "I distracted the Banker. What now?"
      • Worid: Oh! Right. You are... still here. I didn't forget about you. I value your friendship.
      • Worid: So... Fine, alright. You did distract the banker for me... here, take this, a cut of the profits.
      • [+8192 Emeralds]
      • Worid: Um... You can go now. Thanks for your help! Have a nice life!