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A World Discovery.

World Discoveries are a type of Discovery which describe specific areas or locations which hold significance in the world of Wynncraft. This may be for lore purposes or otherwise. They give a decent amount of experience for discovering them. The experience given is not affected by XP Bonus.[1] World Discovery areas are usually larger than Territorial Discoveries, and often contain at least one territory. In contrast to Territorial discoveries, World Discoveries appear yellow & orange when found.

List of World Discoveries[]

Region Discovery XP Given Min. Level Lore
Wynn Ragni 10 1 One of two great fortresses in Wynn. Ragni has survived over 1000 years of war - sometimes barely. It is the hometown of the 146 year old hero Bob, who hasn't been seen in 16 years.
Wynn Emerald Trail 10 1 The trail through Nivla Forest to Detlas, the central city of the Wynn Province.
Wynn Katoa Ranch 15 1 This farm is most famous for its milk, though recently the cows that produce it have been going missing.
Wynn Nivla Woods 15 1 This forest has been infested with giant, mutant arachnids for countless years. They serve as the greatest obstacle for adventurers on their way to Detlas.
Wynn Detlas Suburbs 40 1 This area is heavily defended by the armies of Detlas and Ragni to ensure food production continues.
Wynn Detlas 40 1 The center of the Wynn Province. This city is a massive hub of trade for all adventurers, whether they have just started their journey or have been at it their whole lives.
Wynn Black Road 40 1 This road leads to the town of Ternaves and its nearby mine. It is inhabited by strange mushroom-cow hybrids, and a mysterious scientist.
Wynn Nivla Village 20 1 A small village hidden within the trees in the Nivla forest. Home of the only bowl merchant in the province.
Wynn Maltic 80 5 The first town founded by Villagers in the Wynn province. Maltic's beach is the site of a shipwreck that crashed upon its shores 100 years ago.
Wynn Elkurn 80 5 Despite its proximity to the portal, this quaint town has somehow managed to survive. It was once the home of a researcher who investigated the phenomenon of corruption.
Wynn Sanctuary Bridge 80 5 This magnificent bridge connects the mysterious ruins of Time Valley to the frigid cold of the Nesaak Tundra. In the center lies a mysterious seal that no one has been able to open.
Wynn Ternaves 80 5 This small town has laid quietly near Detlas for decades. Nearby lies a massive prison that few draw near.
Wynn Pigmen's Ravine 140 10 This massive, maze-like ravine is home to the Pigmen, a species of half-pig, half-human abominations that feast on any weak adventurer who happens to stumble inside.
Wynn Time Valley 140 10 The ruins here have been present longer than the portal. Only one person alive today understands this strange place. Time acts strangely here and it's apparent that whoever made them were not human.
Ocean Bear Zoo 280 10 This strange island is home to the province's one and only zoo. The owner thought out in the ocean the creatures would be safe from the corruption, but the zoo doesn't get many visitors.
Wynn Nemract 275 15 Nemract is an under-defended, rough, seafaring city. The people here have endured a lot of suffering - and that has made them hardy.
Wynn Ancient Nemract 275 15 Hundreds of years ago, the original stone city of Nemract was ravaged by a swarm of the undead. Now it is only inhabited by the corpses of those who died that day.
Wynn Savannah 275 15 Wild ocelots inhabit this mostly-barren savannah, which leads to the Almuj desert. There is a town on the edge of the mountains, though few visit it.
Wynn Bremminglar 275 15 Not many travel to this little tribal village in the savannah, but it is said to be the home of a powerful sorcerer.
Wynn Abandoned Mines 275 15 Despite mining opening up the infamous portal, it did not stop. Some speculate that these mines are hiding an even greater danger...
Ocean Bovine Barn 800 15 A lush cavern hidden under the barn at Durum Isles. It is bursting with life and natural energies, and is fiercely protected...
Ocean Rooster Island 460 15 This egg-shaped island is home to a single resident,[sic] a featherbrained villager hermit obsessed over chickens. Rumor has it that Bob has visited the island for some reason.
Ocean Durum Isles 460 15 Despite the odd formation of land, every inch is covered in farmland, and acts as a proverbial breadbasket for the ocean capital of Selchar.
Wynn Roots of Corruption 420 20 A thousand years ago, a group of emerald miners unearthed a mysterious portal. Unknowingly, they doomed the province to centuries of war against the mysterious force known as corruption.
Wynn Pirate's Bay 420 20 A massive pirate ship crashed here with such severity, the hull was moulded into the cliffside. Some say that there is still treasure hidden inside.
Wynn Rotten Passage 1300 20 This tunnel seems to have been dug out unnaturally. The groans of the undead echo and clash in the fetid cavern air.
Ocean Selchar 720 20 Founded in 970 AP after the waves calmed, this city became the bridge between Gavel and Wynn. It flourishes in trade and enjoys a safe haven from the dangers of both provinces.
Ocean Seavale Reef 720 20 Ocean currents flow and intertwine to form these renowned reefs, bursting with life. Tourists frequently dive and discover lost treasure, dropped from merchant ships and carried by the currents.
Wynn Almuj 550 25 Even in the harsh desert, people have found a way to survive. The massive city of Almuj uses the nearby water sources to keep its city a thriving oasis.
Wynn Almuj Great River 550 25 Despite its barren surroundings, this river has sprouted various plant life. It flows straight into the Rymek Canyon.
Wynn WynnExcavation Site A 550 25 WynnExcavation is a Gavel-owned company dedicated to uncovering the history of the Wynn Province. Here, they've uncovered an ancient tomb from a lost empire.
Wynn Invaded Barracks 550 25 Once the barracks of the Almuj Army, it has been taken over by the traitorous rebel, Commander Takan.
Ocean Mage Island 1100 25 Home to the reclusive mages responsible for calming the waves, the people on this island continue to study magic and advance their capabilities beyond any other.
Ocean Half-Moon Island 1100 25 This island is home to some form of cult, obsessed with the moon and its power. Rumours fly about it, a common thought being that they are attempting to summon some form of lunar deity.
Wynn Rymek 840 30 The town of Rymek was founded by the Creden Tibus bandit group. They only deal exchanges through a special currency.
Wynn Owl Tribe 840 30 The Owl Tribe is one of the two native tribes of the Rymek Canyon. They have been at war with the Eagle Tribe for years.
Wynn Eagle Tribe 840 30 The Eagle Tribe is one of the two native tribes of the Rymek Canyon. They have been at war with the Owl Tribe for years.
Wynn Nesaak 1750 35 In the center of the unnaturally frozen forest lies the small village of Nesaak. Their main source of food is ice fishing.
Wynn Abandoned Lumber Yard 1750 35 Hundreds of years ago, the people working at this mill died in the war. Even after the land was frozen over, their bodies still hunt those who draw near.
Wynn Bob's Tomb 1750 35 A year after Bob's disappearance, a tomb pertaining to the resting place of Bob was found in 985 AP.
Gavel Gavel Gate 1700 35 This massive doorway serves as the main entrance to the province of Gavel. Through it lies the quartz city of Llevigar.
Gavel Llevigar 1700 35 The city of Llevigar is the first sight adventurers see in Gavel. It was built using quartz mined from the nearby Karoc Quarry. It is the most advanced city in Gavel.
Wynn Sunrise Canyon 5000 38 A secluded gorge, rumored to be the territory of a notorious lone bandit. The stones turn a fiery spectrum of colors in the sunrise and set.
Wynn Lusuco 2750 40 In even the harshest of cold, the people of Lusuco have stayed put and continued living here.
Wynn Tower of Ascension 2750 40 The tallest tower in the province, the Tower of Ascension provides a challenge so daunting that it has brought down even the strongest of warriors.
Wynn North Lusuco 2750 40 High up in the mountains, this area serves as the site of Lusuco's annual Wynnter Fair.
Gavel Bucie 2600 40 The small village of Bucie is home to many farmers, who produce the crops for the nearby cities of Llevigar and Olux.
Gavel Karoc Quarry 2600 40 Karoc Quarry mines out massive amounts of quartz each day, mostly used for construction purposes. But lately, shipments have been going missing...
Gavel River Sage[2] 2600 40 This is the widest river in Gavel, and stretches so long that it divides the plains in two.
Wynn Prison of Souls 7500 40 Oppressively dark and enigmatic, simply being inside this cave makes you feel disconnected from your body. Horrific power permeates the area...
Ocean Ice Islands 3800 40 Home to a nation of early seafarers, they have waged war among each other for years, oblivious to the real war happening on the mainland.
Wynn WynnExcavation Site B 3000 41 No one knows what WynnExcavation is searching for at Site B, but rumors are circulating that they are trying to uncover something ancient and powerful.
Wynn The House of Twain 3750 44 Once the home of the most gifted defenders of Wynn, it now lies in ruins and haunted by the spirits that could not move on.
Gavel Olux 4000 45 Olux is a poor town, one that has suffered the effects of the Decay, a force that has caused all of north-western Gavel to begin to wither.
Gavel Worm Holes[3] 4000 45 These massive holes have recently begun appearing all around the swamp, creating a massive tunnel network underground.
Gavel Olux Lumber Yard[4] 4000 45 Once used for repairs for Olux's massive wall, the lumber yard has become useless after the Decay began to make the trees rot and die.
Wynn The Great Bridge 4000 45 RUN.
Gavel Quartz Mansion[5] 4000 45 A group of bandits who have been stealing quartz shipments hide out in this mansion. However, no one knows what they're using it for.
Wynn Iboju Village 4000 45 The village of the native tribe of the jungle. The people here have lived peacefully alongside the people of Troms for years.
Ocean Zhight Island 5600 45 This small community is an up-and-coming tourist attraction for its fair weather and tropically-themed luxuries, requiring constant shipping to the island to maintain business.
Gavel Plague Laboratory 18000 50 Mold, viscera, chemicals and waste combine to give this laboratory a disgusting smell. Filth seems to cover every inch of this place.
Wynn Troms 6000 50 This massive fortress has served as a symbol of hope to the province throughout the war. Its army has helped keep the corruption at bay for centuries.
Wynn Troms Castle 6000 50 The royal family of Troms has been the talk of the town lately. The king's son has gone missing, while the King himself remains reclusive and paranoid...
Ocean Skiens Island 8000 50 Held down by a fanatical military leader, their efforts prevented the colonization of Selchar for years. Somehow, the symptoms of corruption have begun, despite its position in the sea.
Ocean Volcanic Isles 8000 50 Mostly inhospitable, the islands are a relatively new formation. WynnExcavation has set up Excavation Site C here in hopes to find valuable new minerals.
Gavel Nest of the Grootslangs 10000 54 Just beyond this now abandoned ruin lies a dug out nest crawling with infantile Grootslangs. If left to mature, these newborn creatures will grow powerful enough to decimate the swamp.
Gavel Iron Golem Factory[6] 9000 55 The source of the Iron Golems protecting Wynn and Gavel, and the methods of creating them, have remained unknown to the public eye.
Gavel Dark Forest Gate[7] 9000 55 Once a grand stone entryway to a brilliant forest, it has since fallen into disrepair since the emergence of the Decay.
Wynn Entamis Village 9000 55 A native tribe of the Dernel Jungle resides here. Its people revere the tree in the village's center as their guardian.
Wynn Fountain of Youth 9000 55 It is said that each province has a magical spring that grants people eternal life.
Ocean Pirate Cove 12000 55 Founded by the first seafarer Redbeard, Pirate Cove is home to some of the most dangerous men in the ocean. They set up outposts all around the island to seek out merchant ships to plunder.
Ocean Maro Peaks 12000 55 Proposals to colonise Maro Peaks have long been brought up as it holds great defensive and industrial benefits, but the local animal population proves impossible to work with. It is said Bob was the first man to climb to the peak.
Wynn Tribal Sanctuary 30000 57 This disused Iboju burial site seems to have been turned into a camp for the risen tribal zombies. Foreign chanting is a constant ambience here.
Gavel Gelibord 13000 60 Despite the Decay, Gelibord has gotten by. Due to its trade industry, it's become a good stop for adventurers on their quest through Gavel.
Gavel Castle Dullahan[8] 13000 60 Once the home of a wealthy aristocrat, this castle has been overtaken by Dullahan, an enigmatic Elf who terrorized the Dark Forest for decades.
Gavel Taproot 13000 60 In the midst of Decay, a massive amount of light is emanating from this root.
Gavel Leadin Orc Fort 13400 60 The largest orc base in Gavel, the fortress has been overtaken by Orcs under their leader, Gorgu.
Ocean Magmastream Core 45000 60 Leading to the very heart of the tallest Volcano Isle, this tunnel almost feels alive- Magically-charged lava flows like a bloodstream around you. Small crystals are visible within the lavastreams on occasion.
Wynn Delnar Manor 13000 60 A prestigious mansion that was once owned by the Sodeta Guild. It is said that the dangerous and powerful Abysso Galoshes were once sealed away here.
Gavel Caritat Mansion 19000 65 Once the home of the Caritat family, the most wealthy and generous family in the forest, until one day they mysteriously vanished.
Gavel Lazarus Pit 21000 65 Gavel's counterpart to Wynn's Fountain of Youth, the[sic] Lazarus Pit has been resurrecting the dead inmates of the nearby prison.
Gavel Efilim 20000 65 Unlike most towns in Gavel, Efilim is home to multiple races. Elves and villagers live together in harmony here.
Gavel Light Forest Gate[9] 20000 65 This serves as the gateway to the brilliant Light Forest. Unlike the Dark Forest, this area hasn't been afflicted by the Decay, and remains as beautiful as ever.
Gavel The Shiar[10] 20000 65 A village of hobbits, it is home to a blacksmith by the name of Dodegar, seeking to forge the ultimate weapon.
Gavel Challenge of the Blades 60000 65 Pure dark magic is all that exists in this magical trap, laid by a sadistic denizen from the Realm of Darkness.
Wynn Altar of Sanctification 60000 66 A heavy aura hangs in the air of this disused tribal exorcism site. The gibbering of a lingering spirit has begun to echo in your ears...
Wynn Arena of the Legends 60000 68 An arena for those who wish to truly test their mettle after being admitted into the Temple of the Legends, where fierce training takes place.
Wynn Temple of Legends 16000 68 Only the most revered of scholars and adventurers are allowed inside of the Temple of Legends. Just entering this place is a testament to your victory against the Corrupter of Worlds.
Gavel Lexdale 21000 70 This slumlike town has suffered the worst of the Decay's effects over the years, after its residents were forced out of their original homes by an unfortunate event.
Gavel Lexdale Penitentiary 21000 70 Feared as the highest security prison in all of Gavel, this towering stronghold has held the worst criminals within its walls for centuries. In recent years, however, rumors have spread that they have begun arresting innocent citizens...
Gavel House of Talor[11] 30000 70 This once grand cathedral has begun to fall into disrepair over the years as the effects of the Decay worsened. Nevertheless, the church still continues to provide blessings and protection to the Kander Forest's inhabitants.
Gavel The Forgery 30000 70 While this may look like a simple bridge on the way to Cinfras, above it floats The Forgery, the gateway to Corrupted Dungeons.
Gavel Cinfras 30000 70 The city of Cinfras is the central hub of the Gavel Province. It is also home of the massive Guild Hall, and a massive airship travel center.
Gavel The Guild Hall 30000 70 The Guild Hall is where the most prestigious guilds gather, and where you can create your own. You can also get to Letvus Airbase through here.
Gavel Letvus Airbase 30000 70 Letvus Airbase is the best place to go for commercial airship travel, though only the wealthiest can afford it.
Gavel Lake Gylia 30000 70 For which the Gylia Plains are named, Lake Gylia is the largest lake in the world. Immense magical energy surrounds this place.
Gavel Monument to Siegfried 30000 70 Built by the most skilled sculptors in Gavel, no expense was spared in constructing this enormous monument to Gavel's hero.
Wynn WynnExcavation Site D 20000 70 It is said that the Leaf Crystal was buried here. Once WynnExcavation finds it, they'll have all four of the crystals scattered across Wynn, granting them unfathomable power.
Ocean Dead Island 40000 70 A wealthy family claimed the entire island to settle on when the waves first settled, but a mysterious event has brought dark influence to the island, robbing it of its vibrancy.
Gavel The Gateway to Light [12] 20000 71 Secluded beneath the remains of a colossal tree, this bizarre structure acts as a gateway to the Realm of Light, an otherworldly realm beyond imagination.
Gavel Faltach Manor[13] 30000 73? No one ever dares to go near this abandoned manor, even though only a few know of its shrouded past. Some have gone as far to say that they can hear something... or someone... calling to them from within.
Gavel Gylia Watch Tower 44000 75 Founded after the Gerten War 200 years ago, the Gylia Watch have used this tower as their base, keeping an eye on the Gerts to prevent another attack.
Gavel Gert Camp 44000 75 Home of the Gerts, a race of hunger fuelled orange-headed brutes. Though they aren't very intelligent, they are still a force to be reckoned with.
Gavel The Qira Hive 43000 75 This towering nest is the Qira Hive, a challenge against the powerful creations of the enigmatic Qira.
Gavel Ozoth's Spire 43000 75 Tainted by the flames, this spire serves as the dramatic trail up to the nest of the dragon herself, Ozoth.
Gavel Thanos 43000 75 The only residence of dwarves outside of the Molten Heights, Thanos has been threatened by Ozoth, a powerful dragon feared across the entire province.
Corkus Corkus City 42000 75 The main city of the patriotic Corkians, refugees from Fruma who settled on the island. They've used the art of electromagic to build machines.
Gavel Aldorei Valley 30000 76 Very few outsiders are allowed into Aldorei Valley, home of the elves. They consider it to be a place free of greed.
Gavel Aldorei Town 30000 76 Aldorei Town is another section of the elf city, housing many special resources and charms not found anywhere else in Gavel.
Gavel Orphion's Nexus of Light 60000 79 Thought only to be a myth, this legendary structure acts as a nexus for the Realm of Light's power. Somewhere within its enigmatic halls lies Orphion, the physical manifestation of Light itself.
Gavel Kitrios Barracks 60000 80 These barracks are where the Cinfras Army is positioned, though lately their General has been acting suspicious...
Gavel Thesead 60000 80 Thesead is one of the smaller cities of Gavel, but its coal industry has kept it thriving. However, recently the coal mines have shut down.
Gavel Bantisu Air Temple 60000 80 Bantisu Air Temple has served as a beacon in the Canyon of The Lost. The Air Monks help guide people who have gotten lost.
Gavel Crystal Falls[14] 60000 80 The elegant Crystal Falls decorate the scenery around the dojo of Sensei Miyagi, a wise teacher who has trained hundreds of apprentices.
Corkus Fallen Factory 60000 80 This massive factory, built by the engineer Cerid, was once hailed as the national monument of Corkus. Ever since it was closed down, it has fallen into disrepair.
Corkus Avos Territory 80000 84 Home of the bird-like Avos, the native inhabitants of Corkus. Though they welcomed the Corkians initially, tensions between the two have grown over the years.
Gavel Molten Heights Gate 90000 85 The entryway to the Molten Heights, a fiery den of volcanoes. It's the home of the Dwarves, and the last remaining Doguns.
Gavel Dragon Skeleton[15] 90000 85 Remnant of the Dogun genocide, the Dragons sided with the native residents. However, the dwarves proved to be the dominant force beneath the lava.
Gavel Freezing Heights 90000 85 Cursed by an ice dragon's breath, this is a scar of the Dogun genocide.
Gavel Maex 90000 85 A dwarven town founded as a monument to the victory in Molten Heights. It was built by the power of the people. Dwarves are communal and riches are owned by all.
Gavel Rodoroc 90000 85 The capital of the Dwarven dominated Molten Heights. Carved from the rocks by the power of the people, it stands as one of the strongest cities ever made.
Ocean Jofash Docks 90000 85 A port town filled with odd residents and drunken sailors, Jofash Docks is the only entryway to Gavel outside of the main gate.
Gavel Jofash Tunnel[16] 90000 85 This dark tunnel connects the Sky Islands of Gavel to the Jofash Docks on the province's eastern coast, for those who wish to go sailing.
Corkus Geyser Pit 220000 85 Desperate for resources, the mining mechs of Corkus have begun digging to bedrock. The magma layers aren't far below.
Gavel Eltom 90000 85 The city of Eltom is the only human residence in Gavel. Since humans aren't permitted to settle in the province, it has remained hidden to outsiders.
Corkus Relos 90000 85 This coastal town is sprawling with gears and machinery built by the various engineers and mechanics living there. Importing and exporting take place frequently here.
Death's Realm Death's Realm[17] 75000 87 Devoid of color, all the souls of the dead will make their way to here, the realm of the dead.
Gavel Upper Molten Heights[18] 145000 90 The volcanoes stand upon a hollow victory and support the few survivors of the war. Some argue it was a genocide, not a war.
Gavel Dogun's Retreat[19] 145000 90 The tiny survivor population of Doguns fled to the surface after the subterranean war. They are ill suited to living above ground.
Gavel Kandon-Beda 145000 90 A town built on the edge of a cliff, Kandon-Beda specializes in air travel. It also houses a library for those who wish to learn history.
Gavel Raiders' Port 145000 90 Home of the Sky Raiders, a group of pirates who plunder and thieve through the air.
Corkus Aerie of the Recluse 300000 90 This lush, open-air cavern is home to a secluded pair of Avos. They have some kind of vendetta against humans... it may be best to leave them be.
Ocean Legendary Island 135000 90 Home of the Legendary Challenge, a test for those who think that they are the strongest in the world. It is named for its designer, the eccentric Dr. Legendary.
Gavel Ahmsord 200000 95 The central city of the Sky Islands, Ahmsord is home to the wealthiest of traders, and the most revered of adventurers.
Gavel ??????????[20] 300000 95 ??????????
Gavel The Canyon Colossus 200000 95 A sight to behold, this enormous statue has resided in the Canyon of the Lost for as long as history can tell. Its magic permeates throughout the entire canyon, making it nigh-impossible to navigate.
The Moon The Moon[21] 145000 96 It seems the wizard's gravity spell made you fall all the way through space, landing on the moon itself. Weird.
Silent Expanse Town of Lutho 270000 100 A sight to behold, this eccentric town's glowing obelisk is a beacon of hope in the midst of the Silent Expanse.
Silent Expanse Ruined Olmic City 270000 100 Though its creators have disappeared, this city serves as proof that there was once a civilization in the Silent Expanse.
Silent Expanse Olmic Cathedral 270000 100 This old cathedral has fallen into disrepair, especially considering the massive spike that's grown inside of it. Legends say that beneath the cathedral lies a powerful rune.
Silent Expanse Eyeball Forest 270000 100 The trees of this forest are unlike any seen in the rest of the Wynn Province, and give many travellers the feeling that they're being watched...
Silent Expanse Carnivorous Creature[22] 270000 100 This ravenous plant is truly one of a kind. Many creatures have lived hundreds of years beyond their natural lifespan due to the influence of darkness.
Silent Expanse Toxic Wastes 300000 100 An area unlike any other, the green slime seems to move in symphony across the land. The unbearable smell and acidity makes it almost impossible to live in.
Silent Expanse ???[13] 300000 100 This recluse gap in reality has laid unknown to all but a few for an immesurable amount of time. Within its walls lies a colossal hole in the barrier between realms, and within that hole lies a metaphysical entity responsible for the creation of the Void Holes that scatter the Silent Expanse.
Silent Expanse Void Valley 300000 100 This valley has been overgrown with gigantic plant life. Rumors suggest that small rifts in the ground allow one to teleport.
Silent Expanse Dark Obelisk 300000 100 This black obelisk bears a similar shape to the one found in Lutho, though it's unclear how they're related.
Silent Expanse The Eldritch Outlook 300000 100 It is impossible to tell the origins of this peculiar structure, but it might be the tallest in the known world. Climbing to the top could provide a great view.
Silent Expanse Portal to Dern 300000 100 Thought to be only a myth, this portal's existence confirms the legends that the Silent Expanse is a road to Dern. How to access it, though, is perhaps a mystery that can't be solved yet...
Silent Expanse Bottomless Pit 500000 101 An intense well of gravity sits atop the border of the void, drawing in anything fallen into it. Creatures seem to still live down here...


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