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Wybel Island SiteIcon.png
Wybel Island.png
Coordinates X: 1313, Z: -4662
Suggested Level 95
Type/Biomes Sky Islands
Uses Boss Altar, Secret Discovery

Wybel Island is a sky island north of Ahmsord. It is populated by Wybels. It is generally peaceful though occasionally some hostile angels drop down. Hostile sky Raiders will also sometimes find their way over to the island. The island has a lower and upper section, with the lower one consisting of the main part of the island including Sky trees, two tiny caves, a pond, and the Guild banner. The upper section is simply a small, grassy plateau assessable from a tunnel leading up from the lower section. The upper section also has a little cave filled with with bales of hay, and Sky trees like on the lower section, but there are fewer than on the lower section, and they dot the edges of the island. The cave in the upper section and one of the caves in the lower sections are filled with bales of hay, presumably the Wybel's natural food source. The other cave on the lower section has the mysterious level 90 item named "Strange Device" that is used for the Secret Discovery on the island, Otherworldly Origins. The spawn rate of Wybels are also very high on the island, so it is a great spot for farming Wybel Fluff, a tailoring ingredient. There are three kinds of Wybel that live on the island. Affectionate Wybels, which are the same as the ones in the cities and will follow the closest player, Scared Wybel, a neutral Wybel, and Wild Wybel, a passive Wybel. The Wybels that spawn on the island are all the different colors that a Wybel can be, aside from the cosmetic Wybels such as the Rainbow Wybel or the Angel Wybel. The main attraction of the island is the The Orange Wybel boss altar hidden below the waterfall on the south side of the island.