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SpoilersLogo.pngThis page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

WynnExcavation is the much better known branch of a company called GavelExcavation, who as their name suggests, fund a great many digs across the Wynn Province. Although little is known about the group, they have a great deal of influence, even among the government of Wynn. They are not to be taken lightly, and possess a single-minded determination to become more powerful. Their main goal rests on the finding and usage of many colored crystals, which have great magical properties, and when combined are thought to give infinite power.

Excavation Sites[edit | edit source]

WynnExcavation have taken control of five known sites, in order to extract ancient items of great power:

WynnExcavation Site A[edit | edit source]

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 Location   Almuj Desert   X   1150  Y   54  Z   -1770  Wynncraft Map 

The first site is found in the Desert, South-East of Almuj, between Almuj and the Mesa area. It is the ancient temple of the long-dead Pharoah Nabak, and although filled with WynnExcavation crates, the tomb can still be found. Hidden beneath the temple is the yellow crystal.

WynnExcavation Site B[edit | edit source]

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 Location   Twain Lake   X   39  Y   62  Z   -526  Wynncraft Map 

The entrance to the second site can be found on the path that leads through Twain Valley. It leads to a huge underground cavern system with enormous doors inside. The Twain were known to have protected this crystal, which is probably how they learned of its existence

WynnExcavation Site C[edit | edit source]

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 Location   Volcanic Isles   X   -1061  Y   42  Z   -3742  Wynncraft Map 

The lava-strewn wastes of the Volcanic Isles provide the location for the third site. Wynn Excavation noticed the location because of how the entire island chain simply appeared over an extremely short amount of time. In the molten depths of the island, the red crystal can be found

WynnExcavation Site D[edit | edit source]

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 Location   Dernel Jungle   X   -874  Y   22  Z   -349  Wynncraft Map 

The fourth excavation site, Site D, is located in a massive ancient temple deep in the Dernel Jungle, inside which is the green crystal. Beyond the temple there are what remains of an ancient city, populated by the now insane ancients.

WynnExcavation Site E[edit | edit source]

 Location   Troms Jungle   X   -489  Y     Z   -889  Wynncraft Map 

The fifth site is located at the Jungle Temple, but the Excavators left after they found out it doesn't contain any crystals.

WynnExcavation Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Chief Excavator Dranfor
A mysterious and secretive boss, who rules over the Excavators with an iron fist. He rules through intimidation, and is quick to anger. Not someone to be messed with. He leads the meeting at WynnExcavation Site C.
Vade is the WynnExcavation site manager at Site A. He is pompous and arrogant, expecting everyone around him to do as they are told.
Tesha is a scientist working as a Lab Assistant in the WynnExcavation Labs tent at Site A, whose main role is translating ancient stone tablets.
Lykron is the WynnExcavation site manager at Site B.
  • WynnExcavation Scientist Flendar
Flendar is an excavator working at Site B. He hates anyone that works against the interests of WynnExcavation, and will readily resort to murder to protect the organization.
Placardus is the WynnExcavation site manager at Site C.
  • Guard Klerodor
Klerodor is the WynnExcavation guard responsible for the protection of the Site C meeting.
Uci is the WynnExcavation site manager at Site D.
  • WynnExcavation Scientist Azure
Azure is a scientist, working for WynnExcavation at the Site D crystal.
  • Amadel's Assistant
Amadel's Assistant serves as a quest NPC during the Amadel boss fights.
Amadel is the ultimate leader of all four WynnExcavation sites, found in the Ancient Dungeon under Site D. He is also the final boss of the WynnExcavation questline.
Traitor Thomas is an NPC located near the Iboju Village entrance to Dernel Jungle with Amadel to fool the player to be traitors.

Crystal Shards[edit | edit source]

WynnExcavation is attempting to combine four crystal shards, which are said to give unlimited power to the person who wields them.

Shard Name Location
Yellow Crystal Shard (Site A) Unknown Almuj Desert
Purple Crystal Shard (Site B) Unknown Twain Lake
Red Crystal Shard (Site C) Fire Shard Volcanic Islands
Green Crystal Shard (Site D) Leaf Shard Dernel Jungle

In addition to here, the crystals can be found in the Silent Expanse, specifically in the secret discovery A Wynnic Excavation..

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The executives of WynnExcavation seem to know about the Eye, likely from the ramblings of the Ancients, which can be found in Site D.
  • In Gavel a researcher known as Scientist Ynnos was employed by either Wynn Excavation or their Gavel counterpart to study crystals. When Wynn Excavation was defeated by the player, they lost funding, causing the events of One Thousand meters under.
  • WynnExcavation crates can be found in the Abandoned Mines, however these crates do not list a site letter.
  • The crystals are very likely to be the same as colored meteors found across Gavel. They share the same environmental effects, are found in the same locations as the Olm saw meteors constantly fall, and even share many of the same colors.