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| name = Wynn Excavation Site B
| name = WynnExcavation Site B
| length = Medium
| length = Medium
| location = Below path towards [[Haunted Mansion]]
| location = Below path towards [[Haunted Mansion]]

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WynnExcavation Site B
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Below path towards Haunted Mansion
Province Wynn
Combat Level 46
Starter NPC Excavator Lykron
Required Quest WynnExcavation Site A
Required Item Yellow Crystal Shard
Reward As follows:

WynnExcavation Site B is a medium level 46 quest located around Nesaak and the Haunted Mansion. It is the second of the four part storyline involving different sites of the Gavel excavators and hidden crystals. It is required to complete WynnExcavation Site A to begin this quest.


Excavator Lykron asks the player to investigate creatures and the crystal at the bottom of the cave.

Stage 1

» Bring the Yellow Crystal Shard to Excavator Lykron at

 Location   Excavator Lykron   X   39  Y   62  Z   -526  Wynncraft Map 

Note: You need 1 Yellow Crystal Shard in your inventory for him to reply.


  • Excavator Lykron: Good day! You're the person that helped us out in the desert aren't you? Excellent! Just the person I need! Can you help me out with a problem I have?
  • Excavator Lykron: Perfect! You see we are supposed to be searching for some of the... uhhh... long lost ruins of ancient Wynn, just like in the desert!
  • Excavator Lykron: However, it seems no progress has been made recently; my workers have stopped working!
  • Excavator Lykron: The problem is, there are strange creatures down at the bottom of the cave disturbing them.
  • Excavator Lykron: I need you to go and kill them, but first you should go talk to one of my colleagues, he has more information for you.
  • Excavator Lykron: He is located directly at the bottom of the cave, go speak to him, go on now! Off you go!

Stage 2

» Investigate the depths of the cave.


  • Flendar: We know what you stole from us in the desert! Take THIS! You won't be escaping this dead end any time soon!

Stage 3

» Solve the puzzle.
The images to the left show what each side needs to look like.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Code.
This puzzle is a 3d image, and can also be considered an illusion. Here is the guide, in order from starting location to complete it.
  • Left 1, place
  • Forwards 1, Right 1, place
  • Back 1, Up 1, place
  • Up 1, place
  • Up 1, place
  • Forwards 1, place
  • Back 1, Left 1, place
  • Forwards 1, place

(At this point you mirror it in the opposite left corner)

  • Forwards 2, Left 1, place
  • Back 1, place
  • Left 1, place
  • Forwards 1, place
  • Down 1, place
  • Down 1, place
  • Down 1, Right 1, place
  • Back 1, Left 1, place

After you've finished, a door will open for a few seconds to your left.

You can also follow this: [Place-> Left->Place-> Right->Forwards->Place-> Back->Up->Place-> Up->Place-> Up->Place-> Left->Forwards->Place-> Left->Forwards->Place-> Left->Forwards->Place-> Down->Place-> Down->Place-> Down->Place-> Back->Place-> Forwards->Right->Place->

The Door Will Open(www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayUTt15cgjE)]

Stage 4

» Find and talk to the WynnExcavation Archaeologist.

 X   -2140  Y     Z   1198  Wynncraft Map 


  • WynnExcavation Archaeologist: Baffling... What a puzzling situation I am in...
  • WynnExcavation Archaeologist: I cannot open this door for some reason...
  • WynnExcavation Archaeologist: We suspect the purple crystal is behind this door, but the descriptions in the scriptures don't match this door.
  • WynnExcavation Archaeologist: They seem to describe another door, but all our evidence says otherwise.
  • WynnExcavation Archaeologist: The scriptures also say something about hidden within the rocks... But we removed them all!
  • WynnExcavation Archaeologist: Well, the writing isn't actually all that clear, It could mean virtually anything. I think one of these words means hippo! Guess we'll have to find out!
  • WynnExcavation Archaeologist: Anyway, back to figuring out what needs to be done here... Wait, who are you, you're not an employee of Wynn Excavation!

Stage 5

» Find a way to get around the door. Search for a passage nearby the Archeologist.

 Location   Entrance to the passage   X   -2145  Y   5  Z   1206  Wynncraft Map 

» Collect a Purple Crystal Shard and go through the exit at the back of the cave.

Stage 6

» Head back to Excavator Lykron, and give him the Purple Crystal Shard.


  • Excavator Lykron: I have to admit, I'm impressed. I genuinely thought our plan would be successful. Who knew that dead end had a secret exit.
  • Excavator Lykron: Not me apparently. We know what you took in the desert, you were just some kid expected to do a delivery job, who knew you'd take a shard of the crystal.
  • Excavator Lykron: Don't pretend like you don't know what it is, you know as well as I do combing the four crystal shards is told to bring unlimited power!
  • Excavator Lykron: You will not interfere any longer. The location of the remaining crystals are known only to us; the fire and leaf crystals are safe.
  • Excavator Lykron: I see that tricking you isn't the way to defeating you. If we ever meet again, we'll be using force and upping our security. Now I never want to see you again. Our socie- I mean company, will not tolerate your interference again.


  • There is a hidden passage behind the Archeologist that leads past the large door to the other side.


  • After completing the puzzle there is also a WynnExcavation Guard right next to the drop. It is not obligatory to speak with him, but you can do it if you look him up.

 Location   Alternate Guard   X   -2176  Y     Z   1015  Wynncraft Map 


  • WynnExcavation Guard: What are you doing here?!
  • WynnExcavation Guard: This door is closed; the mine entrance behind it isn't open at this time.
  • WynnExcavation Guard: I'm here to make sure no one uses the passage while the archaeologist works.
  • WynnExcavation Guard: You will have to find another exit if you want get out!