WynnExcavation Site C

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WynnExcavation Site C
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Volcanic Island
Province Ocean
Combat Level 55
Starter NPC Excavator Placardus
Required Quest WynnExcavation Site A and B
Required Item Purple Crystal Shard
Reward As follows:

WynnExcavation Site C is a long level 55 quest and the third of four quests in the WynnExcavation story line. It is required to finish WynnExcavation Site B to begin this quest.

Preview[edit | edit source]

Excavator Placardus tells the player that the WynnExcavation company is from Gavel, and they are interested in preserving historical artifacts. He adds that WynnExcavation wants to kill anyone who would try to destroy those "artifacts". Excavator Placardus apologizes for all the inconveniences and says he has to go to a meeting. Chief Excavator Dranfor talks about extracting the 3rd crystal.

A traitor that is met during the quest is a part of the rebel group of WynnExcavation. He will tell the player that the WynnExcavation company is a front for an even more powerful force. They dig for crystals- which combined can grant a lot of power.

After the player speaks to Excavator Placardus for their reward, he reveals the true intention of the WynnExcavation company.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Excavator Placardus.
Note: You need 1 Purple Crystal Shard in your inventory for him to reply.

 Location   Volcanic Island   X   -1061  Y   42  Z   -3742  Wynncraft Map 


  • Excavator Placardus: All operations functional… Transportation on schedule… Oh. It's you. We've been looking for you.
  • Excavator Placardus: Locating you was far harder than we thought, but here you are, having come right to us.
  • Excavator Placardus: Now you're here, I'm not sure what to say. But I feel I must explain, we at WynnExcavation apologise for all our previous encounters.
  • Excavator Placardus: We completely got off on the wrong foot. We are a company from Gavel which specialises in historic artifacts of great mystical importance.
  • Excavator Placardus: After our encounter in Almuj, we naturally thought you were a black market salesperson trying to steal pieces of the artifact for monetary gain.
  • Excavator Placardus: So we instructed all of our employees in all of our sites to thwart you at any cost. Historical loss is a very important issue, especially with something so powerful.
  • Excavator Placardus: But after hearing the stories of your travels in the province, we realised what had happened, and you mistook us for the enemy. This is obviously not the case.
  • Excavator Placardus: I hope this clears everything up between us and we can both move our separate ways, now if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to attend.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Infiltrate the Excavation Meeting.


  • Guard Klerodor: I'm sorry. This is a private meeting.
  • Guard Klerodor: It is only my first day on the job, so I can't let you in without a pass. Sorry.
  • Guard Klerodor: The door will be locked shortly.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Eavesdrop on WynnExcavation's plans.
Note: You need to walk around the room to keep the dialogue going.


  • Chief Excavator Dranfor: Hello and welcome, senior members of Wynn Excavation Site C. May the dark's gaze forever watch over us. I want to update you on our progress thus far. The fire relic crystal has been largely intact in the heart of the volcano for many years.
  • Chief Excavator Dranfor: Removing it will most likely cause a chain reaction and make things difficult. Fortunately, a mage from the other side of the ocean is here to counter that. We can expect to have it moved and be shipped over to the undisclosed location any day now.
  • Chief Excavator Dranfor: I would also like to inform you that the crystals removed from our possession from sites B and A have not been retrieved. However, the culprit should no longer be interested in our operations. The lost crystals did not harness any raw magic, thus are not essential to the overall scheme.
  • Chief Excavator Dranfor: Now, our short term goals are to move our equipment out of the heart of the volcano and start moving the fire stone for assimilation at the concealed location. All senior officers are responsible for their quadrants. Let's get this done efficiently and discreetly.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Leave the meeting.


  • Chief Excavator Dranfor: The alarm has been set off! There is an unauthorized guest! Guards, seize them!

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Escape the WynnExcavation guards.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Explore the area and search for the traitor.

Note: Follow the torches to find the npc.


  • ???: You.You are the one they are worried about.
  • ???: I am Amadel, leader of the rebellion.
  • Traitor Amadel: I know this is all a bit sudden, but I have some information you must hear.
  • Traitor Amadel: Everything you have been told is a lie. The Wynn Excavation “company” are not what they appear to be.
  • Traitor Amadel: They are using that as a front and their reach stretches further than I even know.
  • Traitor Amadel: There is no higher authority than them, not even the kings. And their intentions are not good.
  • Traitor Amadel: They seek the ultimate power, a power hidden across Wynn by various civilizations over hundreds of years.
  • Traitor Amadel: They heard about it, and of course, began to gather the ingredients to create something that would lead them to total domination of the province.
  • Traitor Amadel: They've been on to me for some time. I can't tell you everything here, but first, you must gather parts of the crystal, like you did with the others. It is essential.
  • Traitor Amadel: The crystal is in the cave just inside the volcano past the base. Hurry, they are all off duty at the moment, the cave to the heart of the volcano is clear. Act swiftly, and good luck.

You then go in the spot behind Amadel to progress through the quest.

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Explore the depths of the volcano.

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Escape the volcano with the crystal shard.

Stage 9[edit | edit source]

» Report back to Excavator Placardus.


  • Excavator Placardus: You couldn't just take my polite word and leave it at that, could you?
  • Excavator Placardus: You had to go snooping around, meddle in things that are far beyond your comprehension. No matter. Something did come out of this, it would appear.
  • Excavator Placardus: You were caught, conversing with Amadel, who we now know to be a traitor, thanks to you. There are eyes everywhere, young hero.
  • Excavator Placardus: I'm willing to bet he's already been... taken care of by senior staff.
  • Excavator Placardus: We also now know you are operating in the dark. You know nothing of the crystals or their power, and you know not that even the crystals you possess are inconsequential to our plans.
  • Excavator Placardus: You're lucky you aren't dead. How you infiltrated us this far has shown nothing but beginner's luck for the province's new hero.
  • Excavator Placardus: I suggest you leave, before the guards get here and you meet the same fate as Amadel. Our power is limitless; armies, resources, even royalty are on our side. We are the eye. We see all. Be gone.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is best to have a spell to slow down the guards that will chase you. Otherwise you will get trapped.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • WynnExcavation Site C and D were released along with more mobs, another new quest, and bug fixes.
  • Despite being WynnExcavation, Site C is in the Ocean.
  • Despite it being called a long quest, it's actually pretty short. It should take you between 10-15 minutes to finish it.