WynnExcavation Site D

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WynnExcavation Site D
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Troms
Province Wynn
Combat Level 70
Starter NPC Royal Advisor Carlos
Required Quest WynnExcavation Site A, B, and C
Required Item Red Crystal Shard
Reward As follows:

WynnExcavation Site D is a long level 70 quest. It is also the final quest in the WynnExcavation questline. It was at one point, the longest quest in the game but was then superseded by A Hunter's Calling by one stage as of now.

Preview[edit | edit source]

This quest solves the mystery around the WynnExcavation secret society.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Royal Advisor Carlos.
Note: You need 1 Red Crystal Shard in your inventory for him to reply.

 Location   Royal Advisor Carlos   X   -848  Y   98  Z   -789  Wynncraft Map 


  • Royal Advisor Carlos: His majesty Lord King of Troms is indisposed at this moment.
  • Royal Advisor Carlos: He recieved a message and made his way frantically down to the panic room, which is somewhere inside of this throne room.
  • Royal Advisor Carlos: He hasn't been seen since. Only the King knows how to get into the panic room, but I've had my suspicions about it for a while now.
  • Royal Advisor Carlos: He seemed to be expecting someone, but I'm fed up of waiting.
  • Royal Advisor Carlos: I managed to hear a few things he was muttering to himself just before he disappeared, though.
  • Royal Advisor Carlos: He mentioned something about a fourth crystal... a green one.
  • Royal Advisor Carlos: And then he said "The order of the crystals will open the way". Maybe it's a clue as to how to find him?
  • Royal Advisor Carlos: Please, we need to find him. I'm sick of telling everyone he's indisposed!

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Find the secret passageway inside of the throne room.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to opening the entrance of the catacombs.
The code is Yellow, Purple, Red, Green. The catacombs are just behind where Carlos is standing.


  • Royal Advisor Carlos: Oh my, a secret passage has opened up beneath the throne! Quickly, head inside!

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Search the Catacombs of Troms Castle.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to solve the puzzle.
Press the 1, 2 and 4 buttons.

WynnExcavation site D puzzle.jpg

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Talk to the King of Troms.


  • King of Troms: I am impressed you managed to find me. Someone of my intellect is not normally found when he hasn't the intention of being so.
  • King of Troms: I suppose I at least owe you the truth for getting this far, not that it matters.
  • King of Troms: WynnExcavation, the Gavel company is a fake, a facade. It's not real....
  • King of Troms: It's actually a secret society run by the high and mighty of Gavel.
  • King of Troms: They have one goal, complete control.
  • King of Troms: You can't compete with them, kid. I tried to at first, but they had turned my inner circle before getting to me.
  • King of Troms: Though I cannot admit I fought hard, their ideals are admirable.
  • King of Troms: So I hope you will forgive me, I act only for the greater good of the world.
  • King of Troms: As you will not be leaving the city, I wish you a fond farewell. When you leave, you will be accused of treason and will be hunted. It is the only way...

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Escape Troms.


  • Troms Guard: Time is short, so I'll have to spare you the details, but let's just say I'm on your side.
  • Troms Guard: The King just placed you under arrest for treason. They've locked down the entire city.
  • Troms Guard: Both the front gate and the Passage are closed down. So we've created another exit for you.
  • Troms Guard: Just follow the path to your left around the city. Keep going until you see a villager next to a tunnel . We'll clear your name once you've escaped.
  • Troms Guard: You'll pass through the army headquarters on your way, so be prepared for a fight. I'm the only guard here to help you.
  • Troms Guard: Now run! We don't have another moment to waste!

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Get out of the city.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get out.
Follow the path to the left, and once you get to the army headquarters, with a blocked exit, climb the ladders over the wall. You will notice the passage is closed. Go down the diagonal stairs, and you will find a ??? npc.

 Location   Exit   X   -4820  Y     Z   -357  Wynncraft Map 


  • ???: Hey, psst. Come here!
  • ???: Take this, and run! You need to get out!
  • ???: Head to those coordinates, there is no time to explain, now go! I'll close the tunnel behind you.

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Head to the location on the note.

 Location   Traitor Camp Entrance   X   -830  Y   85  Z   -673  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Speak to Traitor Thomas.


  • Traitor Thomas: I'm sorry, I can't let you in there.
  • Traitor Thomas: I can't let you in there, not until you have proven you are truly on our side.
  • Traitor Thomas: We never know who to believe anymore. Unfortunately there is no way for you to prove your loyalty.
  • Traitor Thomas: Now if you would excuse me, I have to hunt for the lost map fragments of Dernel. I'm sure these eyes have something to do with it...

How to get there: In Iboju Jungle from the Dernel Jungle entrance, go take a right before you completely go down to Dernel Jungle to reach Traitor Thomas.

Stage 9[edit | edit source]

» Find the three map fragments by following the eyes and return to Thomas.

 Location   Map Fragment 1   X   -748  Y   30  Z   -546  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Map Fragment 2   X   -784  Y   25  Z   -445  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Map Fragment 3   X   -697  Y   30  Z   -495  Wynncraft Map 

Dialogue: Before getting all fragments:

  • Traitor Thomas: I can't let you in, we're busy looking for an important document, I'm sure these eyes have something to do with it...

After getting all fragments:

  • Traitor Thomas: Is that… The map fragments? You found them!
  • Traitor Thomas: Oh my, you better come in.
  • Traitor Thomas: Theres not enough time! We need to combine those fragments with ours!
  • Traitor Thomas: Hurry, get in the hideout!

Stage 10[edit | edit source]

» Enter the traitor camp.

Stage 11[edit | edit source]

» Speak to Rebel Leader Amadel.


  • Traitor Amadel: Welcome, friend. I knew you would figure it all out.
  • Traitor Amadel: You must be surprised to see me. The excavation crew at site C tried very hard to kill me.
  • Traitor Amadel: They didn't succeed though. I got away, and I swiped a fragment of a map, and I found out what it's for.
  • Traitor Amadel: If you made it this far, you know Wynn Excavation are not what they seem. They want to harness Wynn's ancient power.
  • Traitor Amadel: They control our governments, authorities and seem to be 3 steps ahead of any of us that oppose them.
  • Traitor Amadel: That is, unless we're able to beat the excavationists to the last crystal.
  • Traitor Amadel: They cannot use a single shard of power without combining them all.
  • Traitor Amadel: Here, I've combined the map fragments behind me. It looks it's deep in the jungle, I wonder where...

Dialogue when talking to others:

  • Traitor Buice: WynnExcavation have done really horrible things, and I used to help...
  • Traitor Jaynar: WynnExcavation will be destroyed, no matter what!

Stage 12[edit | edit source]

» Go to Site D.

 X   -874  Y   22  Z   -349  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 13[edit | edit source]

» Solve the puzzle.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the puzzle.
 X   -951  Y     Z   -272  Wynncraft Map 

In the temple room, there is a button on a short pillar on the opposite corner from the entrance. Press it, and it will reveal a pressure plate behind it. Stand on it, and it will open a room on the right with another pressure plate. Stand on that one, then run to the opposite corner to reveal a third plate. Step on that one, then run to the centre and drop into the hole that has now opened.

Stage 14[edit | edit source]

» Search the excavation site.

Stage 15[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Excavator Admin Uci.


  • Excavator Admin Uci: Oh my. It's you. I can't say I'm surprised to see you, we thought you might be stupid enough to come here.
  • Excavator Admin Uci: Stupid enough to come here, yet, smart enough to make it.
  • Excavator Admin Uci: You were at every site, taking shards and attempting to thwart us.
  • Excavator Admin Uci: This time we won, and you lost.
  • Excavator Admin Uci: What do your shards mean to us when we have all four crystals?
  • Excavator Admin Uci: Nothing, that's what.
  • Excavator Admin Uci: The boss wants to speak to you. I don't recommend keeping him waiting, he's not a patient man.
  • Excavator Admin Uci: He'll be waiting for you, head through that door.

When you talk to Excavator Sean:

  • Excavator Sean: My boss Uci is a bit of a mean guy, but hey the perks of minionship aren't bad!

When you talk to WynnExcavation Scientist Azure:

  • WynnExcavation Scientist Azure: This leads deeper into this dungeon, but it seems like it has to be activated from the other side. (See Tip 2)

Stage 16[edit | edit source]

» Enter The Ancient Dungeon.

Stage 17[edit | edit source]

» Solve The Yellow Puzzle.

Many incomprehensible powers exist in this world. Forces such as Light, Darkness, or even the stars themselves..

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the puzzle.
This is a memory puzzle, consisting of 3 levels. Press the button in the centre to play, then lights will flash on the left next to coloured blocks. On the right, press the correct sequence of colours. If correct, one of the three lights will glow above. Press the Play button again to do the next level.

The respective color codes are as follows:
Level 1: Green, Red, Yellow.
Level 2: Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
Level 3: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red.

Stage 18[edit | edit source]

» Solve The Purple Puzzle.
Light, and Darkness. Two unfathomably powerful forces. Two sides of the same coin. Though they grew close, they very rarely touched...

Note: Simply hit the button near the wall to progress.

Stage 19[edit | edit source]

» Solve The Red Puzzle.
At least, not on a conceptual level. They use this world as a battleground for their senseless, eternal squabble, in an attempt to claim dominance over the other.

Note: Simply hit the button near the wall to progress.

Stage 20[edit | edit source]

» Solve The Green Puzzle.
When the two do clash due to this violent exchange, it is not twilight that is formed, but a violent, aggressive pestilence. A force known to many as the Corruption...

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the puzzle.
Each letter should match the shard you received from that part of the WynnExcavation quest line. A:Yellow, B:Purple, C:Red, so by elimination, D:Green. (Also, you're in the green room.)

Stage 21[edit | edit source]

» Escape The Green Room.

In order to escape the grasp of the Darkness itself in this eternal battle, the Olm harnessed the power of the stars themselves, in the form of multiple crystals. It is said that whoever may reunite these crystals will have the power to reshape the world.

Stage 22[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Excavator Amadel.


  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: Well, well. Looks like you've finally made it.
  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: You might be a little shocked to see me here...
  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: Everything was planned you see...
  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: You finding that old fool in the desert, you surviving that fall.
  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: You finding that notebook, and eventually meeting me.
  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: Everything that you have done has been planned by the mastermind behind this organisation, me.
  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: You don't get it, do you? We needed you. The Ancient Crystals of Wynn are an old magic, and a powerful one at that.
  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: We needed you, a human of pure intention to bring empowered shards here, it's just part of how it all works, I wouldn't expect you to understand. Enough talk now.

Stage 23[edit | edit source]

» Teleport to the Ancient City


  • WynnExcavation Leader Amadel: Step into this hole, and accept your fate. It's over, you've lost!

Stage 24[edit | edit source]

» Explore The Ancient City

Note: Follow the mossy cobblestone.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
Olm(Hostile).png Olm 75 7850 Melee AI Teleport ✤Weak
- Ancient City
CorruptedOlm.png Corrupted Olm 75 7050 Charge AI Teleport ✤Weak
- Ancient City
OlmicGeist.png Olmic Geist 75 6675 Ranged AI Teleport ✤Weak
- Ancient City
RunicCrystal.png Runic Crystal 80 44500 Ranged AI ✦Def - Ancient City
Enthralled.png Enthralled 70 1200 Melee AI Heavy Charge ✤Weak
- Ancient City
Olm(Passive).png Olm 75 11000 None AI - ✤Weak
- Ancient City

Stage 25[edit | edit source]

» Speak to Amadel's Assistant.


  • Amadel's Assistant: I see you have finally shown up.
  • Amadel's Assistant: There is no chance someone as weak as you can beat Amadel!

Stage 26[edit | edit source]

» Kill Corrupted Amadel.

  • Corrupted Amadel: The crystals combine the power of the stars themselves.. an ultimate power... the power to reign over the entire WORLD!


  • Amadel's Assistant: That was a mere fluke..
  • Amadel's Assistant: Amadel is unbeatable!

Stage 27[edit | edit source]

» Kill Shadow Amadel.

  • Shadow Amadel: I- I- I feel... unstopable.. this power... will not aļ͢͠͠͡l̶̀͜͏͏ów me to lớ̀͠͝se..!!!


  • Amadel's Assistant: He's simply warming up...
  • Amadel's Assistant: THIS ISN'T EVEN HIS FINAL FORM!

Stage 28[edit | edit source]

» Kill Amadel.



  • Amadel's Assistant: I, I can't believe you beat him...
  • Amadel's Assistant: Amadel was a god...He was going to save the province...

Stage 29[edit | edit source]

» Talk to The King of Ragni.


  • Ragni's King: You... hmm... Ahh yes! I remember you. You're one of the recruits I accepted long ago..
  • Ragni's King: I'm no mage, but what you have there may just be the most destructive force in the entire world.
  • Ragni's King: I remember being told something by my adoptive father, and he was a king of Ragni himself!
  • Ragni's King: He told me that the Wynn province will never find solace. I never truly understood why, until now.
  • Ragni's King: You see, many forces are at work on our lands that we cannot physically see, but the outcome of the influences cannot be ignored.
  • Ragni's King: Creatures that you can find in Wynn may not exist in Gavel. In Gavel, there are many magical beings. Creatures influenced by forces other than the Corruption. Not all of them are friendly, mind.
  • Ragni's King: But rarely do you see the undead in such numbers. You know, there is a fundamental law of our land, when two forces collide, there is war.
  • Ragni's King: This could be people, species, or anything, really. And I think the same thing can be said for the energy that resonate in those crystals you have there.
  • Ragni's King: I think those crystals represent a force far beyond what we can grasp, and if that power can turn one man into what you fought back there, I shudder to think what else it could do.
  • Ragni's King: The Olm in the jungle clearly knew of this, too, as they met their eventual demise. Their desperation most likely led to them attempting to harness that power, as well.
  • Ragni's King: These are things that the mages of the ocean have studied in secret for centuries. We may never know, and rather, I think we never should know.
  • Ragni's King: If Amadel taught us anything, it's that we can never be trusted with power. Here, put that crystal into the lava. Let it burn and never be used. The king places the crystals in the lava, and watches it sink.
  • Ragni's King: Though it contains some of the most concentrated magical power ever, it is still limited to its container. Let it burn.
  • Ragni's King: I do not know the severity of the Excavation's integration into the powers of Gavel, but I bet we haven't seen the last of them.
  • Ragni's King: You have done this province an unspeakable service. I believe that even Bob is smiling down on you, today. I'm sure that if he were here with us, he would crown you worthy.
  • Ragni's King: As a token of our city's eternal gratitude, I wish for you to take this. It has no value to anyone except you.
  • Ragni's King: You might want to hold onto it, a merchant in Cinfras has arrived and you will be able to trade it for the item that I wish I could bestow upon you now.
  • Ragni's King: You truly are one of the greatest warriors to ever step foot in these lands. I hereby knight you as Wynn's true protector for your deeds today. I hope we meet again, young master.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The "eyes" that Traitor Thomas talks about are three or two blocks of coal and one or two blocks of quartz, where the quartz points in the direction of the next "eye." The first eye can be seen if you follow the path down from the traitor camp.
  • If you ever die during the Amadel fight, you can come back to the green crystal on the ceiling (when you talk to Excavator Admin Uci) and teleport to the Ancient city. This saves tons of time, as you don't have to go through the puzzles again.
  • Having the Corrupt and Shadow Pendants also allows the player to bypass the first and second stages of the Amadel fight, respectively.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The red crystal has been sitting in a volcano for ages, but the moment Ragni's King drops it into the lava, it burns.