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You can now helping us translate the Wynncraft Wiki - in your (native) language! Make sure to read this guide carefully and come back to look up for Tips & Tricks. See the Translation Progress.

Before Translating[]


  • No lingual errors in your (native) language.
  • Understanding of almost everything in English (American).
  • Passion or Fun of translating.
  • Owning a Discord-Account.
  • 13 years or older (As seen on COPP-Act and Discord's Terms of Service (Line 3-7))

You will have to met all above requirements.

  • Optional: Know at least something about the Wynncraft-Server (Level 15+ in any class)


After checking all requirements you will firstly have to validate yourself in our Discord-Server (https://discord.gg/WXBx8yk) There you will have to tag one of the staff giving you a Discord-Role (Ask @Catherine, @Moe_Ronickah, @MarkusRost, or @FrozenEarth and tag them). Note that #discussion and #general are english, so best use it to ask for the respective team! If you have done everything right, and you got accepted, you can go to the next step: "Translating-Process"


After "Before Translating" you will now be able to translate.

Step 1[]

Choose an article (click here) - right now you can only translate Quests. There you will have to click on the Red Box of the Quest in your language code, and press the name to get to the English Article. If there is a Blue Box, don't choose it, it's already translated! If your language is not listed, please contact @ThaumicTom on the Discord-Server

Step 2[]

Press on "View Source" (located in top right corner) on the English Article of the quest. Copy the entire text by clicking anywhere on the text and then pressing CTRL + A to select everything (Mac: CMD + A), alternatively select everything by selecting it. Use CTRL + C to copy it (Mac: CMD + C), alternatively right-click and press "Copy". Go to the creation page of the Quest that you want to translate, press on the empty text field and paste everything by pressing CTRL + V (Mac: CMD + V), alternatively right-click and press "Paste". You will use the English text as Template, but firstly read "Step 3" before doing anything else.

Step 3[]

Before translating, please read this:
Most importantly, keep the format! You will have to translate everything, that is possible (Quest Name, Headings and Templates; NOT the Names of the Persons). Infoboxes and Locations are called Templates and Links are Special, because they have to be translated specially. For further information read "Translating Templates" and "Translating Links" under "Tips and Tricks".

Step 4[]

Only translate in Source Mode! You can access it by clicking "View Source" in the top right corner. If you have read "Tips and Tricks" and know what to do and what to watch out for, you can start translating. After translating the whole quest (or when you want to check how something will look), press "Show preview" on top of the page. If you think it's fine, press "Save it". Tell our Discord-Members about your first Quest (when you are done) then we will look it up. Now do this process with the remaining not translated quests - if you want. It's a voluntary work, so don't hesitate!

Tips and Tricks[]

Important about Wynncraft[]

  • The Difficulty of a Quest is classified in Length! Small quests are "Short", quests that are longer are "Medium" (Don't confuse with the Difficutly!) and the longest Quests are "Long". This was changed in the 1.17 Update of Wynncraft.

Translating Links[]

Links are special, too.



[[ [name of any wiki article] | [description/translation] ]]

The bold part can not be found in the english source code.
You will have to add an | and write your translated word to it between | and ]].

Example (in german):


Translating Templates[]

Templates (Infoboxes, Locations) are special. Make sure a {{ and }} is before and after the Template.


You translate Infoboxes like this:

| name = [translated quest name]
| questHeader = [Quest Info translated]
| lengthLabel = [Length translated]
| length = Medium
| lengthTranslated = [translated version of Short, Medium or Long]
| locationLabel = [Location translated]
| location = [[ [location] | [translated version of the location] ]]
| levelLabel = [Level translated]
| level = [level]
| rewardLabel = [Reward translated]
| reward = [As follows translated]
* [amount of xp] [[Experience Points| [Experience Points translated] ]]
* [amount of emeralds] [[Emeralds| [Emeralds translated] ]]
* [amount of received items] [[ [item name] | [translated version of the item's name] ]]

Bold parts are different/can not be found in the english source code. The Label-parameters are special: if they are missing it automatically displays the english word, therefore they can not be found in any English article and for translations you have to add them manually. Note that not all quests have all kinds of rewards, but the rewards listet here are the most common types of rewards.

Example with the quest Jungle Fever (in german):

| name = Dschungelfieber
| questHeader = Quest-Informationen
| lengthLabel = Länge
| length = Medium
| lengthTranslated = Mittel
| locationLabel = Ort
| location = [[Jungle|Dschungel]]
| levelLabel = Stufe
| level = 52
| rewardLabel = Belohnung
| reward = Wie folgt
* 86250 [[Experience Points|Erfahrungspunkte]]
* 4096 [[Emeralds|Smaragde]]
* 1 [[Undergrowth Ruins|Unterholz Ruinen]] key


Locations have to be translated like this:

| locationlabel = [Location translated]
| location = [[Olux Swamp|Olux Sumpf]]
| x = [x-coordinate]
| y = [y-coordinate]
| z = [z-coordinate]

Bold parts are different/can not be found in the english source code. The Label-parameter is special: if it is missing it automatically displays the english word, therefore it can not be found in any English article and for translations you have to add it manually. Don't remove or edit the coordinates.

Example with the quest Studying the Corrupt (in german):

| locationlabel = Ort
| location = [[Lost Sanctuary |Verlorene Zuflucht]]
| x = -258
| y = 80
| z = -1046

See your progress[]

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