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New to editing the wiki? Well here's a guide on how to edit the wiki code after clicking "Edit Source" and starting your editing journey.

Table Making

When making a table, it's quite simple to use copy and paste. To start your table off, use this code:

{| class="wikitable sortable"

This will start your code for table making. Now you need to make your table, so adding to the code written above, there's this:

Wiki Table.jpeg

Make sure you include no spaces, or your wiki table will not turn into a table.

When you complete your categories type this:


Directly on the line below it.

To make your table type in

| (Information matching categories)

For each table section, each section is another line below that line, so it would look like this:

Wiki Table 2.jpeg

When finished with this line of it, type


And then start your next line to your table. Most armour categories, such as the legendary and rare sections will center their parts to their graph, so instead of simply

| (information for category)

You will use:

| align=center |(Information for category)

It's what makes an Armour category looks like it does, and should be followed.

When you are done making your table it is extremely important to place

|} At the end instead of: |-

Page Making

Most pages, as you have noticed have those boxes at the top, these are called infoboxes. There are many more templates pre made by the wiki team, so it's easy to copy and paste them in, and then edit them. A list of all templates can be found here but the basics are as follows:


Image of city info box:

City Table.jpeg


Image of Area info box:

Region Infobox.jpeg

Location(like Thanos' Vault)

Image of Location Infobox:

Location Infobox.jpeg

Custom Tables

Image of custom Infobox:

Custom Infobox.jpeg

Note: The label and headers can be toggled to match the amount of information you need to add.

Additional Information

Below your info box you would want to include the general information of your page. To link to other wiki pages you would type:

[[Name of Page]]

If the name of the page doesn't fit what you want in your thread, but you still wish to link to that page, you would type [[Name of Page | Word you want on your page]].

To make your categories, you would type:

==Category Name==

To create a new category to your page.

If you want to make bullet points, do this:

Bullet Points2.jpeg

Categorizing Pages

Here's some copy and paste categories for your future pages:





Item Sets

[[Category:Item Sets]]











I might have missed some, but you get the general point. To use these, just copy and paste them beneath the last section of your page, they will automatically convert into the category box.

For future reference there is a wiki page for Wanted pages, help these be made:


Thank you for reading, I hope this helps you edit the wiki!