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NPC Info
X: 372 Z: -5500
Location The Qira Hive
Quest Involved The Qira Hive

Yansur is the starting NPC of The Qira Hive. He must be spoken to after you finish each division. Based off of the dialogue as you finish each division and quest, he is unpopular with the Division Leaders and a tad egotistical.


The Qira Hive
372, 64, -5500
Wynncraft Map

Yansur can be found up the main stairs in The Qira Hive, standing near the room with all the division entrances.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

The Qira Hive
372, 64, -5500
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Yansur: Hm. What ridiculous notions the new girl has... Oh, the challenger? You are here to brave our glorious Hive, yes?
  • Further conversation with Yansur:
    • [1] "I offer an invitation to a festival.":
      • Yansur: Hah. I see you too have fallen prey to such frivolous things! We have much more important things to be doing with our time! Our Mistress demands perfection, and I am to oversee it!
      • Yansur: This festival- Craftsman, it was? Pah. It is an insult to the name! If you want truly skilled crafts, you must brave our Hive challenge and earn your prize! But you are too busy frittering your time away, I see.
      • Yansur: All the decorative trappings...they do nothing but get in the way, and I shall not tolerate it. There is no place for festivities here.
      • ...a gust of wind whistles by your ear...it sounds like someone talking.
      • ????: Hey, meet me down below. Just east of the servant's rooms. Wanna talk with you a sec!
    • [2] "Care to challenge me yourself?":
      • Yansur: ...
      • Yansur: You can't be serious- you don't even know what you are saying. Such is below my glorious self. Trouble me not with those empty-headed threats.
      • Yansur: If I were to battle you, though... It would be over in but an instant. I would have you at my mercy before you could blink, miscreant. Now put that weapon away already!
    • [3] "I'm just exploring, actually.":
      • Yansur: Do not waste my time, warrior of Wynn.