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NPC Info
X: -846 Z: -875
Location Troms Castle
Quest Involved Lost Royalty

Yavlis is an NPC involved in the quest Lost Royalty. He is one of the advisors to the King of Troms.


-846, -875
Wynncraft Map

Yavlis can be found on the south side of Troms, on the staircase to Troms Castle


Festival of the Heroes[]

This dialogue pertains to the Festival of the Heroes.

First Dialogue:

  • Yavlis: Alright now, settle down. You must behave in a manner befitting of your title, little prince.
  • Yavlis: You are among many fine folks here. Wouldn't you be a good child if, say, erm... Siegfried, came along?
  • Yavlis: Ahh, hello. One of the Ragni soldiers here to celebrate the festival? Very good to see the army continuing to grow.
  • Yavlis: Yes, yes. If only such things would aid the worries of our dear king in Troms...but my worries aside, this is quite the festival, I must say.

Following Conversations:

  • Yavlis: Oh, hello there again. Is there something you needed?
  • [1] "You've brought along the Prince of Troms?"
    • Yavlis: Yes... Apparently, he heard they would be speaking of Tisaun here.
    • Yavlis: I would be more excited if not for how the mercenaries in the jungle misuse his name...
    • Yavlis: ...and perhaps, if his heroism had not needed come from the greatest betrayal Troms had ever known.
    • Yavlis: ...I wonder what ever happened to General Skien, after he stole and slew the entire Tromsi army out of nothing but his own paranoia.
    • Yavlis: I hear rumors of an island, but I do not leave Troms much, and it is considered taboo to speak of it there- so I'm ignorant on that regard, I'm afraid.
  • [2] "What's going on with the king?"
    • Yavlis: That is...private business. There are many things that a king should be worried about. As his advisor, I am not at liberty to speak of it.
    • Yavlis: ...or, at least, most of it. One of his worries is indeed his son here. It took a very long time to convince the king to let him come here, even under my watch.
    • Yavlis: I wonder if he feels stifled sometimes, but I do agree with the king that the prince's safety is of utmost priority. He is lucky I was able to bring him here.
  • [3] "You seem out of place among the fairgoers."
    • Yavlis: I...suppose I am. I'm far more used to the environment of the castle. Frankly, being around this many people is...nerve-wracking.
    • Yavlis: I dislike crowds at the best of times, but having to watch over the prince here as well means that I feel rather anxious.
    • Yavlis: ...between you and me, if it weren't for the fact I'd have to leave the prince outside, I would most likely be visiting the bar to calm my nerves...
  • [4] "Just to say hello."
    • Yavlis: Then a fine hello to you too. I hope you enjoy the festival.