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NPC Info
X: 131 Z: -5068
Location Thanos Bazaar
Quest Involved From the Bottom

Yobon is a quest NPC for From the Bottom. He will give the Horn of the Elven God Entia in exchange for the Amulet of the First of the Fallen, which can be obtained from Syni.

It is implied that Yobon is a demon of some sort masquerading in the form of a Dwarf, as he talks about trading for people's souls and he claims the Amulet of the First of the Fallen to be his.

The Horn of the Elven God Entia is probably the most valuable treasure in all of the Bazaar.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Thanos Bazaar   X   131  Y     Z   -5068  Wynncraft Map 

Yobon is found in his merchant stand, in the southeast area of the Bazaar in Thanos.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yobon is an anagram of a few letters from Noobynatty, a Builder and GM.
  • Yobon's name is extremely similar to that of the unrelated NPC Yodbon, who lives in Almuj.