Zhight Tour Guide

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Zhight Tour Guide
Zhight Tour Guide.png
NPC Info
X: -626 Z: -2682
Location Zhight Island

Zhight Tour Guide is an NPC that introduce you to Zhight Treasure Tour, where you can play a minigame of gathering Zhight Gold by killing mobs in a cave. You need to pay 5 Zhight Money to join, and you have a limit of five minutes.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Zhight Island   X   -626  Y     Z   -2682  Wynncraft Map 

Zhight can be found in a cave, on the west side of Zhight Island.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before doing Zhight Island (Quest):

  • Zhight Tour Guide: Sorry, but the Zhight Treasuer Tour is undergoing some renovations at the moment, so we can't let you inside

After doing Zhight Island (Quest):

  • Zhight Tour Guide: Hello and welcome! Are you here to try the Zhight Treasure Tour? I'll teach you the rules!
  • Zhight Tour Guide: Simply pay for a token down in the cave and deposit it at the collector, and you'll be ushered into a sprawling cave system!
  • Zhight Tour Guide: It's full of dangerous enemies and perilous plights, but they carry lots of rewards and riches!
  • Zhight Tour Guide: If you stay in the cave for five minutes, or if you want to leave early or get knocked out, you'll be brought out of the cave.
  • Zhight Tour Guide: Anything you find in there, and we do mean ANYTHING, is yours to keep.
  • Zhight Tour Guide: You can also exchange some of our special tokens for things that adventuring types like yourself will find indispensable, up in the gazebo!
  • Zhight Tour Guide: We hope you enjoy your stay at Zhight Island Resort, thank you!